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Jeffrey Vlaming

Part-Time Lecturer

Affiliated Divisions:

John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television

After studying acting under William H. Macy at the University of Minnesota and graduating in television production, Vlaming worked in Minneapolis as an advertising art director. After relocating to Los Angeles and over the past two decades he has written and produced hundreds of hours of television episodes.  Among series he worked on are noteworthy genre titles The X-Files, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica and Hannibal and such non-genre series such as Northern Exposure and the long-running NCIS.  On the feature side, Vlaming has sold multiple projects, and enjoyed working closely with acclaimed feature film director Michael Apted.

While obtaining his master’s degree in literature, Vlaming oversaw the creative story team for the additional “episodes” to be part of Microsoft’s Xbox One game Quantum Break. At the same time he lectured at the Columbia College in Chicago. He has taught at the University of Minnesota, Ball State University and he serves as a returning lecturer at Drexel University as well.

Series on which Vlaming was a producer have received numerous awards. NBC’s Hannibal was given the Saturn Award for Best Network Hour Long Series three years running, actor Robert Carlyle won a Gemini Award for Vlaming’s episode of SGU Stargate Universe and both Northern Exposure and The X-Files received an Environmental Media Award.