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Trisha Williams, M.I.T.

Part-Time Lecturer

Affiliated Divisions:

Media Arts + Practice Division

Work Phone: 213.821.5700
Office: SCI 101K

Trisha Williams is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at Pigeon Hole Productions in San Diego, California, where she leads world building and visualization efforts. As a Master in Interactive Technology, Trisha has led Creative and Art Direction in the video game and interactive entertainment industries for over a decade. There, she has been instrumental in developing worlds from the largest vistas to the smallest interactions.

Currently, Trisha is leading projects in partnership with scientific institutes that blend digital art and gaming with neuroscience research to rapidly iterate on visual interaction and virtual environments to study the human decision-making process through play.

Trisha also teaches World Building in the School of Cinematic Arts at The University of Southern California. Through the class she instructs students of different disciplines and collaborations how to adapt the world building methodology to their area of focus in order to design engaging and immersive media.