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Jason Rosenfield, MFA in Film

Adjunct Associate Professor

Affiliated Divisions:

Division of Film & Television Production

Jason Rosenfield’s track record as film editor, director, producer and writer includes three Emmy Awards, an Oscar nomination, a Peabody, DGA and R.F. Kennedy Awards, and collaborations with directors ranging from Hollywood legend Robert Altman to three-time Oscar-winning documentarian Mark Jonathan Harris. A sought-after story and editorial consultant, he continues to have a significant impact on a broad range of independent films. As a faculty member at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, a producer of professional development seminars for the Television Academy and American Cinema Editors [ACE], and a mentor leading international workshops through the State Department’s American Film Showcase, he continues to influence a widening network of emerging filmmakers across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

An 1,800-word excerpt from Rosenfield's craft-based memoir My Secret Lives: Confessions of a Film Editor, appears in the 2021 first quarter issue of CinemaEditor, a publication of American Cinema Editors.  His essays have been published in industry periodicals CineMontage and CinemaEditor. His most most recent essay, Subject to Change, will appear in Focal Press/Routledge’s upcoming edition of the PERFORM book series, Editing for the Screen. Rosenfield has served as Associate Director of the ACE Board (and serves on its Education and Internship Committees), three terms as Governor of the Television Academy and almost two decades on its Picture Editor and Documentary Peer Group Executive Committees.