School of Cinematic Arts Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

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Eric Freiser

Part Time Lecturer

Thomas Anthony Frisina

Part-Time Lecturer

Tracy J. Fullerton

Professor of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media & Games Division
Electronic Arts Endowed Chair, Interactive Entertainment
Director, USC Game Innovation Lab
Director of USC Games

Sergei Gepshtein

Research Adjunct Professor

Stephen Joseph Gibler

Adjunct Professor

Lauren Giordano

Part Time Lecturer

David Goetsch

Part -ime Lecturer

Eric Goldberg

Part-Time Lecturer

Richard Goldsmith

Part-Time Lecturer

Andrew Morris Goldstein

Part-Time Lecturer

Brenda Goodman

Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts
Track Head, Producing

Margie Goodspeed

Part-Time Lecturer

Marientina Gotsis

Research Associate Professor

Nitin Govil

Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts

Eric Hanson

Associate Professor of Cinematic Practice

Mark Jonathan Harris

Distinguished Professor
Head, Advanced Documentary Production course
Mona and Bernard Kantor Endowed Chair in Production

Pete Hawkes

Adjunct Associate Professor

Helaine Head

Associate Professor

Donald Hewitt

Adjunct Lecturer

Chevon Hicks

Part-Time Lecturer

Liz Hinlein

Part-Time Lecturer

Perry Hoberman

Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Sean B. Hood

Part-Time Lecturer

David F. Howard

Former Chair

Caroline Hu

Part-Time Lecturer

Evan Michael Hughes

Assistant Professor of Cinema Practice
Media Arts + Practice Division

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