SCA Network members are making a difference in the lives of this generation and the ones to come through their generous support of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication.

We are proud to list these benefactors of the SCA Network. If you feel there is any error, please contact the SCA Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving.

List of Benefactors

John August ‘94
Kevin Bachus ‘90
Tyson Beem ‘97
Ethan Bush ‘75
Georgina Cahill
Peter Cameron ‘13
Zoe Cheng
Aslan Dalgic
Jack-Henry Day
Samuel Dickerman ‘94
Amanda Douglas
Jake Douglas
Timothy Dowling ‘96
Bob Ducsay ‘86
Logan Fields
Anderson Folsom
Andrew Friendly
Craig Gerber ‘92
Joshua Goldsmith ‘95
Robert Greenblatt ‘87
Javier Grillo-Marxuach ‘93
Robert Hass
Jack Heller ‘04

Lauryn Henry
Barry Hershey ‘87
James Ishii ‘76
Richard Jewell
Don Klugman ‘56
Nicole Kunz-Reh ‘08
Aric Lasher ‘99
Michael Lehmann ‘85
Yazon Lin
Alex Litvak ‘95
Brennan Loftus ‘14
Jack Longo
Laird Malamed ‘16
Andrew Marlowe ‘92
Brandon Marsh
Valentina Matosian ‘15
Derek McLay
Lawrence Meyers ‘93
James Middleton ‘89
Connor Moran
Shane Munson
Allison Ng
Jane Stupp O'Neill ‘13

William Olsson ‘05
Robert Osher ‘81
Heather Regnier ‘08
Frederick Robertshaw ‘87
Chip Rosenbloom ‘87
Bruce Rosenblum ‘79
Saul Rubin
Ari Ryan ’97
Gary Rydstrom ‘81
Joshua Schwartz
Peter Segal ‘84
Stacey Sher ‘85
Dallas Sonnier ‘02
Scott Stone ‘79
Chanel Summers
Yi Tan
Conrado Terrazas ‘91
Aaron R. Thomas ‘02
Tony Trikas ‘82
Matthew Weiner ‘90
Kathryn Yu
Cathy Yuspa Goldsmith ‘95
Randall Zisk ‘81

This information is valid through April 2018. If you feel there is any error, please contact the Office of Annual Giving.