Solla Park

Solla Park

MFA, Peter Stark Producing Program '22

HFPA Scholar

What inspired you to want to study the cinematic arts?

As a young newcomer, I wanted to have all the best school snacks and listen to the music the cool kids loved, so I relied on film and TV to teach me everything I needed to know about assimilating. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant and a third-culture kid with roots in Korea, Canada, and China, I was constantly drawn to any medium that could teach me how to fit in. Once I discovered stories that truly spoke to my many identities, I was determined to devote both my academic and professional careers to finding and supporting content that reflects the intricacies of different experiences.

What scholarship award(s) did you receive directly from SCA?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Endowed Scholarship

What has been the impact of receiving a scholarship from SCA?

Receiving a scholarship from SCA gave me a chance to wholeheartedly carry on my dedication to higher education with alleviated financial concerns. Especially as an international student with limited access to funding, I am immensely grateful for this support as I am able to concentrate on applying my learnings out in the industry. It is an incredible sign of encouragement.

What activities or student organizations are you involved in outside of the classroom?

The Stark Program is designed so we can explore and gather real-world professional experience while we attend our classes. I’ve been lucky to be able to work in TV Business Affairs at Entertainment One and for the opportunity to intern at Vertigo Entertainment so far. It has been rewarding to learn about the industry both in the classroom and hands-on in the workplace.

What has been your favorite class or project at SCA thus far?

My favorite class last semester was the Graduate Film Business Seminar. It was a course that extensively covered a very complicated, crucial process in the industry, but the material was synthesized in an incredibly fun and engaging way. It was exactly what I was looking for coming into the program and I now feel more confident about the inner workings of the deal-making side of the business.

What is a meaningful experience you've had while at SCA?

Although I’ve only attended SCA virtually so far, I have an incredible group of brilliant classmates and bonding with them over the semester was truly an amazing, eye-opening experience. Seeing our class make the best out of a challenging situation not only inspired me, but it also taught me how to effectively and creatively collaborate even through obstacles. I’m really proud of us. The SCA community overall is very warm and welcoming; if you reach out for help and guidance, whether it is to a fellow student, teacher or alumni, you’ll find that everyone does their best to share their insights and resources.

What are your career goals after graduation?

In the last year, our class was lucky to meet with several animation executives and I was completely blown away by their enthusiasm for the animation world. I was able to narrow my interests and now my ultimate goal is to work in animation development, and hopefully with feature projects. I would love to find wild, challenging stories from the beginning and package them to the best of their potential, then help them come to life.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?

Be specific! One of the most useful pieces of advice I received when I was applying to SCA was to really try and hone in on your goals and passions. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do in the future, it is important to show that you have taken the time to reflect on what you want out of the program and why SCA is the right step for you. Don’t be afraid to be completely honest and capture who you are into your application!