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At SCA, providing an excellent educational experience is our number one priority. Every student deserves the opportunity to have the SCA experience, regardless of their financial circumstance. In response to this, we have established the SCA Student Emergency Fund.  The emergency scenarios we are helping our students overcome with this fund range from needing temporary shelter, rent and utilities, funds for food and clothing, and other unexpected struggles. The fund directly provides our students the financial support they need to focus on their education. These awards are not intended to cover full-tuition expenses, but rather serve as bridge funding to guarantee students’ continued enrollment at SCA until other resources, such as scholarships or loans, become available.

Here are a few testimonials from students who received an SCA Emergency Fund grant:

“Words cannot adequately express how profoundly grateful I am to receive this financial award from the SCA Emergency Fund. It is an incredible feeling to witness such compassionate generosity from selfless donors, especially in such difficult and perilous times as this. With the world focused on safety and self-preservation, to know that there are those out there still willing to make such sacrifices so that others can have what they need to continue pursuing their dreams is simply awe-inspiring. I only hope that one day I will have the same opportunity to support others as I have been supported by this endowment.”

“With this generous Emergency Fund Scholarship, I can continue my education amidst COVID-19. I was not able to work throughout the summer at my SCA on-campus job or at another off-campus job in Los Angeles that fell through due to the pandemic. This scholarship takes the weight off mine and my family’s shoulders, as I am determined to stay on a four-year track to graduate. I cannot express enough how much this extra financial assistance means to me and am very appreciative and grateful of the donors who made it possible. I hope to one day set up a similar fund and pay it forward to other students who need financial assistance in order to attend SCA.”

You can make a gift to support the SCA Student Emergency Fund at the link below. If you have any questions about the fund or how you can make an impact through your gift, please contact James Gagnon at 213-740-2804. Students can learn more about the fund and application process by clicking here or speaking with their academic advisor.