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School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) 335

CTWR 411 Television Script Analysis (2 units)
Description: An in-depth analysis of the craft of writing prime-time episodic television. An examination of situation comedies and dramas through weekly screenings and lectures.

CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting (2 units)
Introduction to the formal elements of writing the short film.

CTWR 432 Cancelled Too Soon: The Modern Era of TV Reboots, Cancellations, and Fandoms (2 units, max 6)
Description: Through lectures, screenings, and guests including show creators and studio & network executives, we’ll dive deep into properties that should have been given more time (Freaks and Geeks, American Vandal, Jack & Bobby, Sense8, The Get Down, Pushing Daises), shows resurrected from the grave (Lucifer, Brooklyn 99), and legendary series that defined the TV of their time and the decision makers that gambled that they could do it again (Will and Grace, X-Files, and Fuller House).

CTWR 516 Advanced Motion Picture Script Analysis (2 units)
Description: A critical analysis of the structure of films from the classics to current award winners. Students will learn how to identify key story concepts and break down three act structure in finished films and scripts.

CTWR 518 Introduction to Interactive Writing (2 units)
Description: A series of exercises written and discussed for interactive experiences.