School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) 335


CTWR 411 Television Script Analysis (2 units)
In-depth analysis of the craft of writing prime-time episodic television. Examination of situation comedies and dramas through weekly screenings and lectures.

CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting (2 units)
Introduction to the formal elements of writing the short film.

CTWR 422 Creating the Dramatic Television Series (2 units)
Examination and creation of the world, characters, and concept for an original hour-long dramatic series. Writing an outline for an original dramatic pilot.

CTWR 431 The Harry Potter Franchise: Adaptation, Ethics, Genre, and the Magic of Story (2 units)
We will explore the many facets of the record-breaking Harry Potter franchise. Diving into the nature of adaptation from novel to film, we’ll look at how to build a fanciful world and explore the ethical issues raised by the stories. Why did the screenwriters leave out the House-Elf Liberation Front storyline? What liberties did writers take in the film version? How have the ethical questions raised by the stories affected their viewers/readers? We’ll also investigate the genre mashups involved in Harry Potter and take a look at how Harry Potter has influenced other genre films. Lastly, we will explore at the relationship between audience and the artistic work by examining branches of the Harry Potter world such as Pottermore, the theme parks, the Harry Potter Alliance and the nature of fandom. Over the course of the semester through lectures, screenings, and guests, we’ll determine what makes the story of Harry Potter so universal and why we are all friends with the Boy Who Lived.

CTWR 432 Crime Drama – Tales of Transgression from “In Cold Blood” to “The Night Of” (2 units)
The course will focus on the method and intention of creators in telling crime stories. Primary focus will be on scripted television drama but there will also be classes focusing on films, podcasting, and documentary storytelling. Among the possible guests are: Steve Zaillian (The Night Of), Pam Veasey (CSI), and George Pelecanos (The Wire).