School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) 320

CTCS 190g Introduction to Cinema

Description: Gateway to the majors and minors in cinematic art. Technique, aesthetics, criticism, and social implications of cinema. Lectures accompanied by screenings of appropriate films.

CTCS 200 History of the International Cinema I (4 units)

Description: The development of international cinema from its beginnings to World War II. Lectures, screenings, and discussions.

CTCS 402 Practicum in Film/Television Criticism (4 units, max 8)

Description: Exercise in writing film and television criticism using new and classic films and television programs.

CTCS 403 Studies in National and Regional Media (4 units, max 8)

Description: Detailed investigation of traditions, achievements, and trends of film and/or electronic media in a particular country or region.

CTCS 412 Gender, Sexuality and Media (4 units, max 8)

Description: Examines how gender and sexuality are figured in cinema and television with an emphasis on the development of feminist media theory. An examination of how media informs our understandings of race, gender and sexuality and how theories of race, gender and sexuality can influence our understanding of media. Students are expected to be open and comfortable with discussing a wide range of representations of race, gender and sexuality.

CTCS 464 Film and/or Television Genres (4 units)

Rigorous examination of film and/or television genres: history, aesthetics, cultural context, social significance, and critical methodologies.

CTCS 466 Theatrical Film Symposium

Lectures and readings on creative problems in the television industry; study of current and historical trends, interviews with producers, directors, writers and performers. Each week students meet with current TV showrunners for Q & As about writing and producing their shows. Recent guests include: Cheo Coker (Marvel’s Luke Cage), Ilene Chaiken (Empire), Noah Hawley (Fargo), Conan O’Brian (Conan), Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (The People vs O.J. Simpson) and Ted Sarandos (Netflix).

Professor: Mary McNamara

CTCS 467 Television Symposium (4 units)

Lectures and readings on creative problems in the motion picture industry; current films; interviews with visiting producers, directors, writers, performers. Each week students watch special movie sneak previews, followed by Q & As with the teams behind the films, including directors, writers, producers, and actors. Taught by film critic Leonard Maltin, guests have included Damien Chazelle, JJ Abrams, James Franco, Ryan Coogler, Marion Cotillard, and Judd Apatow.

Professor: Leonard Maltin

CTCS 469 Film and/or Television Style Analysis (4 units)

Description: Intensive study of the style of an auteur, studio, film or television making mode in terms of thematic and formal properties and their influences upon the art of film.