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CTIN 191 Survey of Themed Entertainment
Introduction to the field of themed entertainment and education design, covering its history, and, especially, current practice. Taught by Joe Garlington, former VP of Disney Imagineering, this is the gateway course for the Themed Entertainment Minor, and the pre-requisite for CTIN 452, Themed Entertainment Design.

CTIN 290 Digital Media Workshop (4 units)
This semester long project driven intensive course explores a variety of moving image aesthetics and methodologies in order to highlight how the language of cinema shapes contemporary digital and interactive media practices. Students will create content in the mediums of traditional film, 360 video, VR and interactive game spaces. (Students will use CSharp and Unity for projects, so CTIN 101 or another coding course is recommended, but not required)

CTIN 411 Interactive Media Seminar
This one unit class features guest speakers and special lectures exploring the latest trends in interactive media content, technology, tools, business and culture.

CTIN 420 Tabletop Roleplaying Games
Tabletop roleplaying is having an amazing moment in our current culture; join Sam Roberts in an exploration of the form, lensing in specifically on the origins and evolution of Dungeons & Dragons. This course is project, with students expected to both build, and play, tabletop roleplaying experiences. .

CTIN 444 Audio Expression
Foundational aesthetic principles and creative technologies for game audio. Processing, mixing, and controlling sound for games for expressive effect.

CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop (4 units)
An education in game design begins here! In this project driven course, students will learn the entire interactive design process, though the lens of board games that they’ve crafted themselves. Called, “the most intense arts and crafts class at USC”, students will exit with a professionally printed product to call their own. This course is included in all IMGD Minors, and is the prerequisite for all advanced design classes.

CTIN 497 Interactive Media Startup (1 unit)
This small but targeted course explores the legal and logistical necessitates of a starting a small media business. Taught by Mike Fisher, former CEO of Square-Enix America, this course is specifically geared towards students who will be graduating with the plan of starting that company, most likely built around a project created while still in school.

CTIN 499 Survey of Board Games
Board games and other hobby games are a billion dollar industry in their own right, and have a growing influence on the marketplace of digital games. It's also an arena that has had, and continues to have, tremendous influence on the formal systems, player dynamics, and business models of digital experiences. This class will increase your familiarity with a broad range of tabletop games, as well as your ability to critically parse and discuss these games and the industry.

CTIN 599 Labor and Materiality in Interactive Media
While things like videogames and social media may seem trivial compared to the mess of heavy industry and labor exploitation, they are in fact dependents and drivers of both. This course will be an exploration of how videogames, social media, and other forms of interactive media interact with the human, industrial, and ideological contexts that enclose and produce them, and that they co-produce. IML and CTCS students are highly encouraged to enroll.