CTIN 101 Fundamentals of Procedural Media (2 units)
Description:  Coding for the Creative Mind. This introduction to the procedural nature of interactive media and games, though the coding language Processing. Students will not only learn to code, but will create finished digital games. The path to every other digital game making course begins here!

CTIN 190 Introduction to Interactive Entertainment (4 units)
Description: Critical vocabulary and historical perspectives on interactive entertainment; students articulate their own ideas, while wrestling with the larger conceptual issues at play within the field.

CTIN 290 Digital Media Workshop (4 units)
Description: Modeled after CTPR 290, this semester long project driven intensive course explores a variety of moving image aesthetics and methodologies in order to highlight how the language of cinema shapes contemporary digital and interactive media practices. Students will create content in the mediums of traditional film, 360 video, VR and interactive game spaces. (Students will use CSharp and Unity for projects, so CTIN 101 or another coding course is recommended, but not required)

CTIN 406 Sound Design for Games (2 units)
Description: A deep dive into the technical skills needed to create immersive, interactive audio for games and interactive experiences.

CTIN 463 Anatomy of a Game (4 units)
Description: Through a partnership with Playstation, students in this course will receive a PS4 to be used for the semester, as well as a host of free game content for review and analysis. Course will feature guests speakers involved in the creation of the course’s games of study.

CTIN 452 Themed Entertainment Design (4 units)
Description: The fundamentals of design, technology, operations and process for the creation of themed entertainment experiences and story-centric place-making. Prerequisite: CTIN 488 or CTIN 541. 

CTIN 458 Business and Management of Games (2 units)
Description: Overview of current business models in games and interactive media, methods for pitching and getting products funded; copyright and intellectual property. Students will study and design an original social game using leading industry design methodologies. Learn the fundamentals of leveraging web services for online social experience.

CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop (4 units)
Description: A MUST TAKE COURSE for any student who has ever considered game design as a career path, this introduction to the principles of game design will have students creating analog creation of card, board and tabletop games, which will be professionally printed by the end of the course.

CTIN 497 Interactive Media Startup (1 unit)
Description: Pitching, production planning, forming a company and seeking funding for your creative media idea.