CTIN 101 Fundamentals of Procedural Media - 2 units (GAME, GMAD, GMDS, GMAN)*

This course is an introduction to the procedural nature of interactive media and the computer's unique ability to execute rules. This course is not focused on learning a specific programming language, but to help the future game designer, 3D modeler, interactive writer, or software engineer to become procedurally literate.
Taught by Peter Brinson

CTIN 110 Statistical Analysis for Games: Storytelling with Numbers - 4 units (GAME)*

The course will consist of examples of statistical analysis used in the assessment of game design and entertainment engagement. The fundamental concepts and assumptions which underlie these techniques will be presented and discussed. The class will include processing sample data sets using standard statistical software.
Taught by Dennis Wixon

CTIN 190 Introduction to Interactive Entertainment - 4 units (GMAN, GMDS, CART)*

Offers students the historical perspective, critical vocabulary, and design skills by which they can analyze and understand their own experiences with interactive entertainment, as well as imagine and articulate their own ideas for interactive experiences.
Taught by William Huber

CTIN 405 Design and technology for Mobile Experiences — 2 units (GAME, GMDS)*

Design concepts and implementation of mobile apps and interactive experiences. Work with iOS or Andriod, develop in Unity, and learn the specific challenges of developing for touch interfraces, small screens and mobile connectivity.

CTIN 406 Sound Design for Games — 2 units (GMAD)*

This course introduces students to key technologies that will enable them to create, record, process and mix sound for use in interactive experiences. Basic concepts of procedural audio, core technologies and fundamental underlying audio concepts make the core of the course.
Taught by Vincent Diamante

CTIN 458 Business and Management of Games - 2 units (GAME, GMDS)*

Overview of current business models in games and interactive media, methods for pitching and getting products funded; copyright and intellectual property.
Taught by Robert Nashak

CTIN 483 Introduction to Game Development - 4 units (GMAD, GMDS, GMAN)*

This introductory production class is focused on creating 2-D games. We will develop a number of prototypes while learning the technical capabilities and challenges of the game engine Torque 2D. In doing so, we will prepare ourselves for making a class project- a complete game.
Recommended preparation: CTIN 101

CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop - 4 units (GAME, GMAD, GMDS, GMAN)*

The purpose of this workshop is to examine models and strategies for creating electronic games that are based in solid play mechanics. Students will experience the fundamentals of game design through the study of classic games, as well as design their own games and playtest/critique the games of others.
Recommended preparation: CTIN 190, CTIN 483

*Minor Legend

  • GMAN designated classes apply towards the Game Animation Minor.
  • GMDS designated classes apply towards the Game Design Minor.
  • GMAD designated classes apply towards the Game Audio Minor.
  • GAME designated classes apply towards the Game Entrepreneurism Minor.
  • CART designated classes apply toward the Cinematic Arts Minor.
  • DGST designated classes apply toward the Digital Studies Minor.

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