CTIN 101 Fundamentals of Procedural Media (2 units)

Description: Introduction to the procedural nature of interactive media. Developing proficiency in procedural literacy, reading and creating computational media. (Duplicates credit in former CTIN 400.)
This course is not focused on learning a specific programming language, but on helping the future game designer, 3-D modeler, interactive writer, or software engineer become procedurally literate.

CTIN 190 Introduction to Interactive Entertainment (4 units)

Description: Critical vocabulary and historical perspective to analyze and understand experiences with interactive entertainment; students imagine and articulate their own ideas. (Duplicates credit in former CTIN 309.)
Offers students the historical perspective, critical vocabulary, and design skills by which they can analyze and understand their own experiences with interactive entertainment, as well as imagine and articulate their own ideas for interactive experiences.

CTIN 191 History of Themed Entertainment (4 units)

Description: Introduction to the field of themed entertainment and education design, covering its history, and, especially, current practice.
A critical look at the development of the theme park industry and the theories and models that shaped its course and development.

CTIN 458 Business and Management of Games (2 units) 

Description: Overview of current business models in games and interactive media, methods for pitching and getting products funded; copyright and intellectual property.

CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop (4 units) 

Description: Theory and evaluation of interactive game experiences and principles of game design utilizing the leading software approaches and related technologies. Recommended preparation: CTIN 309, CTIN 483.
The purpose of this workshop is to examine models and strategies for creating electronic games that are based on solid play mechanics. Students will experience the fundamentals of game design through the study of classic games, as well as design their own games and playtest/critique the games of others.

CTIN 497 Interactive Media Startup (1 unit)

Description: Pitching, production planning, forming a company and seeking funding for your creative media idea. Duplicates credit in former CTIN 497ab.
Ideation and Pitching, the fundamentals of coming up with your idea and beginning to market yourself.