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CTIN 464 Anatomy of a Game (4 Units)
Description: An exploration of what makes a good game, with weekly discussions featuring the top creators of the games you love.
Perfect for students who are passionate about games but may not have much experience beyond playing them, assignments in this class revolve around playing games so that students can discuss their experiences when the developers visit. Students in this class receive FREE GAMES, as well as a FREE PLAYSTATION 4 to play them on.

CTIN 499 Worldbuilding for Augmented Reality (2 units)
Description: An exploration of AR, taught alongside Niantic Labs, creators of Pokemon Go
Open to creators from all disciplines, this class will focus on the creation of content for the Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality spaces. With guidance from Niantic Labs, this is the perfect class for students interested in exploring the field. No technical experience needed: CINEMA STUDENTS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop (4 units)
Description: An introduction to making games. Students will explore the principles of game design through the entirely analog creation of card, board and tabletop games.
In this project-driven course, students learn the entire interactive design process through the lens of board games they have crafted themselves. Called “the most intense arts and crafts class at USC,” students will exit with a professionally printed product. CTIN 488 is the prerequisite for all advanced design classes.