IML 104 Introduction to Digital Studies (2 units)

Description: An introduction to the expressive range of screen languages in their cultural, historical, and technological contexts. Introduction to media, art and technology in the context of various academic and professional disciplines. Students will study the history and theory of digital media and also gain hands-on media authoring skills.

IML 140 Workshop in Multimedia Authoring (2 units)

Description: Introduction to the expressive potential of multimedia as a critical and creative tool, supplementing traditional forms of academic work. Introduction to image, video, audio and web authoring in a variety of different topic areas such as storytelling, remix, mindfulness, and marketing.

IML 295L Workshop in Multimedia Authoring (4 units)

Description: Critical analysis of the categories of race, class and gender within the diverse digital spaces of contemporary culture, from video games to the digital divide. Students will produce media projects that analyze their own attitudes about diversity and inclusion and argue that living in a diverse society can function as a form of social and cultural enrichment.

IML 320 Designing and Writing for Transmedia Narratives (4 units)

Description: Creating a story that uses three or more digital platforms (video, social media, games, comics, et cetera) with strategies drawn from entertainment, art and activism. Students will explore various narrative styles for interactive non-linear storytelling.

IML 340 Remixing the Archive (4 units)

Description: An intermediate level course, which approaches archived material from multiple perspectives, in order to develop new avenues of expression, education, and research. Students will create a media project that uses archival images, video, sound and text in order to explore a topic in a multifaceted way.

IML 420m New Media for Social Change (4 units)

Description: Creating real social change through multimedia, working in collaboration with a local nonprofit organization. Students explore the nature of civic engagement and strengthen their digital media skills in the pursuit of real world change.

IML 422 Information Visualization (4 units)

Description: Visualizing information through diverse media platforms, with a focus on critical analysis and hands-on visualization. Students will explore the technical and conceptual aspects of using data to create diagrams, infographics, charts, wayfinding systems, interactive media, journalism, and art.

IML 458 The Embedded Story: Designing Digital Landscapes and Languages (2 units)

Description: Exploration of the imagined territories where language and landscape originate, converge and are transformed. Students will collaborate to create media in cross-platform environments. Each student will work on four teams to create four projects during the semester. All projects will incorporate world-building, immersive and trans-media, and game- theory.