IML 104: Introduction to Digital Studies (2 units)

Description: An introduction to the expressive range of screen languages in their cultural, historical, and technological contexts.
Introduction to media, art and technology in the context of various academic and professional disciplines. Students will study the history and theory of digital media and also gain hands-on media authoring skills. Counts as a requirement for the minor in Digital Studies and Honors in Multimedia Scholarship.

IML 140: Workshop in Multimedia Authoring (2 units)

Description: Introduction to the expressive potential of multimedia as a critical and creative tool, supplementing traditional forms of academic work. Introduction to image, video, audio and web authoring in a variety of different topic areas such as storytelling, remix, mindfulness, and marketing. This course counts as a requirement for the minor in Digital Studies and the Honors in Multimedia Scholarship program.

IML 201: The Languages of Digital Media (4 units)

Description: An in-depth investigation of the close interrelationships among technology, culture and communication to form a solid foundation for digital authoring. Duplicates credit in former IML 101. This course is similar to IML 104, but extends further into web and interactive media topics. Counts as a requirement for the minor in Digital Studies and the Honors in Multimedia Scholarship program.

IML 295: Race, Class and Gender in Digital Culture (4 units)

Description:Critical analysis of the categories of race, class and gender within the diverse digital spaces of contemporary culture, from video games to the digital divide. Students will produce media projects that analyze their own attitudes about diversity and inclusion and argue that living in a diverse society can function as a form of social and cultural enrichment. Counts as a requirement for the minor in Media and Social Change.

IML 309 Integrative Design for Mobile Devices (4 units)

DescriptionHands-on investigation of opportunities and challenges offered by mobile interaction within both cultural and ideological contexts. Students will explore tablets, phones, and mobile-responsive websites while also learning about user experience and user interface design.

IML 365: Future Cinema (4 units)

Description: Examination of the history of cinematic experimentation to provide a framework for understanding contemporary virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive installations and large-scale urban screens. Student will design a speculative project by transforming a short story into an expanded/future cinema presentation. Counts as a requirement for the minors in Digital Studies and Future Cinema.

IML 385: Design Fiction and Speculative Futures (4 units)

Description: The history, theory and methods of design fiction, focusing on design videos and physical prototypes as tools for exploring contemporary social, political and ethical life. Students will engage in collaboration, video capture, video editing, basic sound design, 3-D printing, and object design.

IML 419: Emotion in Digital Culture (4 units)

Description: Project-based course examining emotion in relation to technology, digital culture and the human experience. Students will explore tracking emotional well-being with apps and wearables to experience developments in body-borne computing and issues in the quantified self movement.

IML 456: Nature, Design and Media (4 units)

Description: Investigation of the impact of natural patterns on digital media design. Explores the relationships among chaos, harmony, beauty, proportion, spirituality, holistic systems and shaped experience. 

IML 477 Embodied Storytelling and Immersive Docu-Narratives (4 units)

Description: Examination of art, media, and theatre, to create an immersive, installation-based intervention utilizing the embodied 360-degree docu-narrative form. Students will collaborate on developing, writing, designing and staging a project that delves deeply into a topic of their choosing.