Who Should I Contact with Questions or D-clearance Requests as an SCA Minor?
The minors are listed below according to the supervising department. Please use the bolded abbreviation next to the minor to find the appropriate email contact for curriculum questions. For d-clearance requests, use the course prefix (CTAN, CTCS…) to determine the appropriate department to contact.

  • 3D Animation (CTAN)
  • Cinematic Arts (STAF)
  • Comedy (CTWR)
  • Digital Studies (IML)
  • Documentary (STAF)
  • Entertainment Industry (STAF)
  • Future Cinema (IML)
  • Game Animation (CTIN)
  • Game Audio (CTIN)
  • Game Design (CTIN)
  • Game Entrepreneurism (CTIN)
  • Games Studies (CTIN)
  • Game User Research (CTIN)
  • Immersive Media (CTIN)
  • Media and Social Change (IML)
  • Screenwriting (CTWR)
  • Themed Entertainment (CTIN)

CNTV (Business of Entertainment):

CTAN (Animation and Digital Arts):

CTCS (Cinema and Media Studies):
Undergraduate Course D-Clearance: nonmajor@cinema.usc.edu
Graduate Course D-Clearance: mediastudies@cinema.usc.edu

CTIN (Interactive Media):

CTPR (Film and Television Production):
Undergraduate Course D-Clearance: studentaffairs@cinema.usc.edu
Graduate Course D-Clearance: productionoffice@cinema.usc.edu

CTWR (Writing for Screen & Television):

IML (Media Arts & Practice):

STAF (Student Affairs):