1. Is there another way to contact the Program besides your voice mail 213-740-8194?
Contact us at cosbyprogram@yahoo.com. We check this mailbox regularly during the submission period.

2. Is a cover sheet mandatory on the submitted script?
Yes. All scripts must have a cover sheet with the name of your project, as well as your name, address, phone, and email address on it.

3. Do the scripts need to be bound?
All scripts submitted must be 3-hole punched and fastened with two industry standard Acco #5 or #6 metal brads. Do not velo bind or use any other type of permanent binding.

4. Can I submit a TV pilot?
No. You cannot submit a pilot for consideration for the program, or as a treatment for development while in the program.

5. Can I submit a feature script for consideration to the television program or visa-versa?
No. The script you submit must be for the division that you would like to participate in.

6. Do you want a treatment for the script we submit?
No, do not submit a treatment for your already written script. You do have to submit a new treatment for the script you would like to write while in the program.

7. Can we submit a script for any TV show?
You should strongly consider submitting a script that is a top ten show currently on the air. Do not submit a script for a show that is in its first season. Do not submit scripts for shows that are in syndication, or no longer on the air.

8. What type of references are we supposed to submit?
We prefer industry references. We will however accept references from people who can speak of your writing ability and your character.

9. What are class days and times?
The classes take place in the evenings. Most often, the history/culture class occurs on Monday nights from 7-10 PM. In addition, the Writing sessions are held on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings also from 7-10 PM.

10. If I have produced credits, can I apply for the Program?
We prefer to offer this opportunity to writers who have not been previously produced.

11. What is an intermediate to advance level writer?
We consider an intermediate to advance Writer someone who has formally studied feature or television writing. To be specific, one who has written at least three scripts.

12. How do you decide who should be in the program?
We contract with seasoned industry Readers to critique and score scripts. We then invite the top ten percent for interviews. The scores, interview and needs of the Cosby program determine our final decision. Up to 15 writers are selected.

13. What type of resume should I submit?
You are to submit a total of four resumes. Two copies of your business resume and two copies of your Writer’s Resume. A writer’s resume will list your education including your training in the entertainment industry. You will list your industry related work experiences and the scripts you have written and their status (produced, optioned, etc). You are also encouraged to list awards and honors received for your work.

14. Can I work during the program?
Yes. The program is geared so that you can continue your daily schedule.

15. Does the program try to sell my script or get me an Agent?

16. How will I know if I have been selected to advance to the final round?
We will contact by phone writers selected to advance to the second round of in-person interviews. Final notification will be sent by mail

17. What are the benefits from the program? What will I obtain from the program?
This program offers a select few the opportunity for one-on-one assistance in creating a feature or television spec script. It also provides the opportunity to explore in-depth African-American culture and history. Participants have come away with strong writing samples, industry contacts and a powerful feeling of self worth. The value of this program is priceless.