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School of Cinematic Arts 2021 Virtual Graduation After-Party

Hello and welcome to the School of Cinematic Arts' virtual graduation after-party, hosted on Gather.Town. If you've never used Gather, it's an online videoconferencing platform that lets you easily walk through a virtual space to have small intimate conversations. Our team of faculty and students from the Interactive Media & Games Division has worked hard to build a tiny recreation of some of SCA's spaces for you to explore and mingle with friends, family, and faculty.

If you want a better of idea of what it is and how it works, the team produced a short orientation video.

To connect to Gather, you only need a web browser and your standard webcam/microphone setup for video conferencing. In tests, Gather.Town works best in Firefox, Chrome, and the Microsoft Edge browsers, but you can also download a standalone app for your desktop here if you prefer.

If you're having issues making your camera and microphone work, try this helpful guide Browser Settings and Permissions | Gather.Town


Note: each degree program has its own entrance and section of the virtual space. They are all linked, and you can travel between them, but to avoid crowding, we suggest logging in first to your degree program's section.


The Password to all the spaces is the same and will be sent in an email on May 13, 2021. Please don’t share the email. We want to make this space safe for everyone.

John C. Hench Division of Animation + Digital Arts
Cinema & Media Studies
The John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts
Film & Television Production
Interactive Media & Games Division
Media Arts + Practice
Peter Stark Producing Program
  John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television