USC Comedy offers a variety of opportunities to both undergraduates and graduates in all divisions of SCA. Below, please find brief descriptions of how you can get involved with USC Comedy.

Undergraduate students are able to minor in Comedy at USC, selecting 16 units from the list of classes below.  
For Graduate students, USC Comedy offers a pathway to those interested in pursuing comedy.  Offering curriculum advisement, USC Comedy allows you to fulfill your degree requirements with comedy equivalent classes.


CTPR 371 – Directing For Television
Multi-Camera direction for live, tape and film production, useful for dramatic and informational television. As well as comedy.

CTPR 464 – Sketch Comedy Directing
Concepts and skills in directing sketch comedy shows, using the techniques of live television. Hands-on experience on live weekly shows.

CTPR 476 – Directing the Comedic Scene
Directing comedy: casting, rehearsing, directing actors, scene analysis, staging, shooting, and editing, leading to the filming of a two-person comic scene.

CTPR 484 – Multi-cam Sitcom Pilot
Students create a multi-camera sitcom pilot. Instruction in all aspects including writing, producing, directing, editing, production design, lighting and camera.  

CTPR 523 – Multi-cam Directing Comedy
How to direct comedy or dramatic scenes, using multiple camera techniques. Students also serve as crew members, learning lighting, mixing, studio controls, and stage management.

CTPR 532 – Intermediate Directing/Comedy**
Practical experience in staging comedic narrative scenes, emphasizing directing actors, rehearsal techniques and camera blocking.


CTWR 404 – Foundations of Comedy
Study of comedy theory and practical applications in film, television, and social media. Lectures and screenings of comedic forms tracing past, present and future.

CTWR 407 – Creating the Comic Character
Utilization of various improv techniques for character to emerge naturally in scene and stories. Creating multiple comedic characters to generate future stories.

CTWR 434 – Comedy Writing
Writing an episode of an existing half-hour comedy series, with emphasis on the anatomy of joke construction, comedic structure, and character conflict.

CTWR 437 – Comedy Original Script
Advanced workshop for writing an original half-hour comedy series, including a pilot script, summary of characters, and story lines for first season.

CTWR 477 – Sketch Writing
Staff writing a sketch comedy show with emphasis on creating comedic characters, political humor, monologue writing, and joke construction. A live show will be produced.

CTWR 487 – Comedy Staff Writing
Working on the writing staff of an original multi-camera television series, with emphasis on the writers’ room experience and how to executive produce an episode.

CTWR 517 A&B – Comedy Thesis Television**
Part A -- Developing an original half-hour comedy television series, including characters, world and storylines for season one. Completion of a first draft script, polish, and series bible. Part B -- The re-write, casting, and performance stages of television comedy development. The completion of a final draft of the pilot script and series bible.