September 14, 2023

RTPC Promotions 2023

Deadline 12-1-23

Dossiers must be submitted to the Faculty Council by December 1 via email: (we recommend using a folder on Google Drive)

RTPC faculty submitting dossiers should take the following steps:

  • Immediately contact your Chair to discuss the promotion.
  • Compile a list of three candidates who will write letters of recommendation. (Letters are solicited by the Division Chair and may not include former students, nor should they include colleagues in the same Division.) 
  • Set a date for the completed dossier to go to Chair for the Chair’s letter. The Faculty Council recommends that this be done no later than November 15th.  

 Detailed dossier instructions are in the attached document.                                                                         Due to COVID restrictions, all dossiers should be submitted to the committee online.  

Questions?  Email Faculty Council Co-Chairs Virginia Kuhn ( and Jennifer Wild (