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May 25, 2023

Distribution & Marketing Opportunity!

Seeking Scripts for CNTV 458

Attention Writers, Producers, and Directors,

Would you like to receive a FREE marketing and distribution plan for your feature film script? NOW is your chance!

We invite you to join a collaborative project with students from the John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts (BCA) program in an opportunity to explore how your future projects may be marketed.

BCA students enrolled in CTPR 458 Producing and Marketing a Feature Length Film will develop marketing plans based on selected material, which will include a suggested distribution strategy, creative advertising approach, as well as a media and publicity overview for their final class projects.

Writers will submit a feature length script; either live action, or feature animation to a team of two BCA students, who will present a marketing strategy based upon the submitted material during the final two class sessions. 

Only a brief logline and story summary will be included in the final projects. All materials presented and discussed are strictly confidential. All developed marketing plans and material submitted are property of their respective owners.

You are invited to attend the final presentation and may be consulted as frequently as you like. 

If you are interested in your project being considered, please send your logline and script to CNTV 458 SA, Jessica Redish at

Not only is this a unique chance to collaborate on a marketing campaign for your project, but also, it's an opportunity to takeaway a marketing plan for future reference, which will be insightful and provide value for your future endeavors.

Due Date: August 21st, 2022 

We are looking forward to this collaborative venture! Thank you for your consideration.


About the John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts Program:
The Business of Cinematic Arts program couples the Marshall School of Business and the School of Cinematic Arts in a unique joint degree. Specifically designed to develop the next generation of leaders in the entertainment industry, BCA students receive instruction from entertainment executives at the forefront of all media disciplines. They take core business classes that focus on business fundamentals, while also taking specialized courses in cinematic arts that expose them to the complex and layered creative process of entertainment.

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