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October 26, 2022

Interested in writing? Check out CTWR 585 - Advanced Genre Writing.

Work in a Writers Room and create a script that centers around a re-envisioned Bram Stoker’s  “DRACULA".

Writers Needed!!!

From All SCA Divisions - Grads & Undergrads

You are invited to apply for CTWR 585 - The Writers Room Class. Spring 2023

In this class, 8 writers collaborate to create a feature screenplay, which will go into production during the following year. Previous scripts written in this class have been made into multi-award-winning films. The last one completed, 'Voodoo Macbeth', has won at over 20 festivals and opened in theaters on Friday in NYC and LA. ‘Jack & Lou: A Gangster Love Story’ is currently in production.

The class is run by Professor John Watson, writer of 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', among many other films and TV shows. He has run this class for 9 years.

The script to be written next semester will be ‘Dracula' - a modern re-imagining of the classic.

You may submit writing samples already written, or you may write something original before the submission deadline of Sunday Nov 27th. Samples should be no longer than 15 pages.

Submissions should be sent to :

From John Watson: 

'I will be ranking submissions not purely on the basis of proven ability with this genre, though that may be helpful. I am more interested in proven ability to tell a compelling story, create rich characterizations, and demonstrate cinematic style. 

In addition to a writing sample, I am requesting each applicant to submit a paragraph as to what you consider may be the best approach and setting for this recreation of Dracula. The setting should be one that we can realistically achieve in modern-day Los Angeles (though we have frequently created period films in this class), is in tune with modern cinematic sensibilities, and can be accomplished within low-budget production parameters. I am open to ethnic diversity among the characters. 

Let your imagination loose! In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with questions.

The announcement of those invited to join the class will be on Monday, December 5th. 

Contact Information

Name: John Watson