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May 6, 2022

Hiring SAs for Fall 2022


We are now seeking candidates for student assistant positions for John H. Mitchell Business of Entertainment Programs Fall 2022 graduate courses. You must be a graduate student to apply.

We will be reviewing applicants and scheduling interviews as soon as possible for student assistants for the following courses –


CNTV 440:  The Business of Motion Pictures, TV, Animation, Video Games, and Interactive Entertainment

Jeff Korchek | Mondays 7-10

About: An in-depth analysis of the history, evolution, and current state of the motion picture, television, animation, video game, and interactive entertainment industries.


CNTV 463: Television: Integrating Creative and Business Objectives

Scott Stone | Wednesdays 6-9

About: An investigation of the creative and business sides of television and how they connect, including changes caused by fractionalization and digital technology.


CNTV 521: The World of the Producer

Mondays 7-10

About: A comprehensive overview of the role of the producer in creating television programming, feature films, and new media content.


CNTV 523: Feature Film Financing and the Studio System

Jeff Shumway | Wednesdays 7-10 | ONLINE

About: An overview of the motion picture studio system and how to finance feature films. Principles, business practices, and future trends.


CNTV 525: Entertainment Marketing in Today's Digital Environment

Vincent Bruzzese | Tuesdays 7-10

About: Entertainment industry marketing disciplines, covering motion pictures, television, music, theme parks, home entertainment, and video games. Current principles and business practices.


CTPR 410: The Movie Business: From Story Concept to Exhibition

Danny Sussman | Wednesdays 6:30-9:30

About: Examination of the industry from story ideas, through script development, production and exhibition; evaluation of roles played by writers, agents, studio executives, marketing and publicity.



The Position:

As a student assistant for one of these courses, you will be assisting the professor with taking attendance, fielding student questions in class and by email, assisting in prepping course materials, and coordinating / communicating with guest lecturers. At this time, fall classes are expected to take place on campus unless otherwise denoted in the class description. Responsibilities may involve greeting class guests on campus, or co-hosting and assisting in setting up and monitoring Zoom sessions with virtual guests, sharing and uploading digital course materials with the class on Blackboard, and assisting professors with email correspondence as it relates to the class.

The position is for 4-5 hours a week and paid hourly at $16.04/hr and will be awarded a fee bill credit. You must be currently enrolled graduate student at least part time as a USC student. You will be expected to attend the 3 hour class with flexibility for an additional hour or two of work throughout the week.

**Please note that you cannot be a student assistant for a class that you are enrolled in, or work on an evening that conflicts with another course you are enrolled in. If you have another student employee position at USC, you cannot work more than 8 hours in one day.**


To Apply:

Please send an email with below details to by 5pm PST on Friday, July 15, 2022 to be considered. We will be scheduling interviews via Zoom beginning the following week.

Include “Student Assistant” for (insert course number)” in the subject line – you may apply to assist with more than one class – please indicate this if applicable.

Attach your resume as a PDF (no Word docs please). Federal Work Study students are encouraged to apply.

Please give a brief introduction describing your interest in the position and any relevant qualifications, and/or attach a brief cover letter. 


Thank you for your time and interest!


John H. Mitchell Business of Entertainment Programs Industry Relations | USC Cinematic Arts

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