Coronavirus Updates: USC  |  SCA

January 11, 2022

Crewing Opportunities

Production Students,

We need your help this semester.

We are committed to the 310 and 508 shooting schedules.  In case any trio members have COVID or COVID symptoms and cannot come to set, we might need crew assistance — especially on P1 in 310 & 508.  We are compiling a backup crew (think understudy) who can fill in for them so we are ready if this situation occurs.

You will have an opportunity to do Production Sound, Film, 1st AD, assist the Director,  Producer, etc. You will get hands-on experience and receive a credit for any work that you do.

If you have experience and interest in any of the trio positions, we would ask you to test on the Wednesday before production weekend, (January 19 or January 26) in order to have a negative test 48 hours before shooting.

 Please let us know the following:
• Does your schedule allow you to volunteer?
• What departments are you most proficient/interested in (editing, cinematography, producing, AD, etc.)?
• Are you available for either day on the weekends of  Jan 21-22 or Jan 29-30?  
• Would you also be available to help with pre-production before those dates?
Thank you so much for stepping up as we continue to shoot in person while keeping our sets safe.

Please email and tell us your Name, Preferred Positions, Availability, and Past Experience.