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April 27, 2021

Production Designer Still Needed for CTPR 479 This Fall!

Do you want to production design a dramatic TV series? 

Production Designer for CTPR 479 & 486 Television Drama Series - FALL 2021 & SPRING 2022
Do you want to production design a dramatic TV series? 
**Ideally the Production Designer will enroll for both Fall and Spring semesters, but not a requirement. **
The Production Designer is one of the first people the Executive Producer hires to design the world of a Television Series. The Production Designer on the 486 Television Drama Series is responsible for designing the standing sets on Stage 4 and the physical look and feel of the entire series.
Production Designer Eligibility: Potential Production Designers for 479 in the Fall, need to have completed, or be currently enrolled in CTPR 508 or CTPR 310. Also, it is highly recommended they have completed, or be currently enrolled in Intermediate Production Design (CTPR 534) or the Practicum in Production Design (CTPR 465) or have production designed a CTPR 546 or CTPR 480. They should have a personal interest in Production Design and a future career in the Art Department.
The sequence of that design process during the Fall 2021 CTPR 479 semester will run like this:
-During August, September and part of October, the student Production Designer will use a ‘practice’ script for researching, designing, and drafting sets. They will also make models and possibly use SketchUp in addition to spotting the practice set on our stage. There will be once-a-week meetings or more as needed with Michael Provart.
-In October, the student Designer will then begin to design the series based upon the scripts written in The Writers’ Room. The student Designer will start to intersect with the EP’s and collaborate to design and shape the world of the series. This will culminate in the set being spotted on Stage 4 with professional carpenters building the standing set in November. Hopefully, the Production Designer will then continue in Spring 486 to oversee all the locations and sets used on the series when production begins shooting.
The Spring 2022 CTPR 486 Production Designer is the creative head of the Art Department and oversees and manages all the art direction, set decoration and prop usage of the series while shooting.
Production Designer Submission Process: Interested candidates will set up a meeting with Michael Provart to look at past work and to discuss your interests, your schedule and scope of the work ahead in 479.

Please contact Michael Provart at

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Gail Katz
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