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October 26, 2020

Trojan Vision! Register for CTPR 409 and to tune-in to Virtual Vision Show Week!

On behalf of Trojan Vision, I'd like to invite you to register for
CTPR 409 and to tune-in to Virtual Vision Show Week!

Seamlessly adapted to remote learning, this fun 2-unit class will give Trojan’s of ALL majors/ schools exposure to TV production!

Join our family of creators to learn from instructors who are TV industry professionals.
It's an amazing chance to gain advanced knowledge of production and contemporary remote-taping technology!

Register to enjoy a taste of Hollywood and decide for yourself what you want to produce!

If you’re still curious about what we’re producing remotely, tune-in to Virtual Vision Show Week to watch content created by our current CTPR 409 students! Our 409'ers have been using StreamYard to remotely produce three original variety shows for Trojan Vision, featuring sketch comedies, news, games, cooking, sports, and music performances.
The shows will be aired on our Facebook Live on:

Monday, November 9 at 5 PM
Tuesday, November 10 at 5 PM
Friday, November 13 at 10 AM

We hope to have you join the Trojan Vision family!

Register for CTPR 409 at USC WebReg starting October 26th, and learn more at: