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October 26, 2020

Consider This Spring 2021 Class! CTPR 448: WORLD BUILDING DESIGN STUDIO

Spring 2021 - 2 Units - 18556D - Tuesdays 9AM - 11:50AM


Spring 2021 - 2 Units - 18556D - Tuesdays 9AM - 11:50AM

Instructor: Peggy Weil

Open to Graduate and Undergraduate Production Students!

World Design is a design practice integrating visual and scenario design in the construction of worlds as containers for narrative. World Design as an approach to narrative recognizes and documents interlocking systems of value and potential, creating conditions for choice, action and character across media to craft film and transmedia worlds. 

This course functions as a workshop; Students will develop and document one team and one solo project during the semester.  This course welcomes original project development or students may use this class to research and extend a world in parallel with another SCA project.   3D modeling is introduced in context of visualization skills, but no prior experience in 3D is required.

This course welcomes projects across genres:  Drama, Documentary, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy and Experimental and Immersive Cross-Platform experiences. 

Contact Information

Name: Peggy Weil