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October 21, 2020



Register for CTPR 486, Spring 2021

We’re making 3 episodes (10-12 mins each) in one semester.


Series logline:
In an updated version of “All About Eve,” a seemingly innocent young woman joins a social media influencing empire and works her way up through the company hierarchy. Opal, a newly hired intern at Penny LLC, uses her smarts and charm to mask her psychopathic obsession, and eventually wreaks havoc on Penny's company control, sanity and entire life.  Penny must fight back for what is rightfully hers before it's too late.


**DIRECTORS — 3 students
Students will learn directing skills for a Dramatic Television series pilot and episodes.  Each director will prep and direct one episode and be a directing assistant on another episode.  Each episode is shot virtually.

You will need to submit your reel to direct an episode (10-12 minutes) for the Spring 2020 semester:
It is recommended that you have completed or currently are enrolled in CTPR 532 or CTPR 478 at the time of submission.

*     Director’s reels due November 1st as a Vimeo link with password: 486. Some reel material must have been produced in a USC School of Cinematic Arts production class.  Entire reel is not to be longer than 10 minutes.  One piece should be a full project with at least one scene that includes dialogue, either 310 or 508 or one that is shot virtually (if you were not able to direct 310 or 508 during Spring 2020).  We will also accept films, or parts of films, that were directed outside of SCA provided that it is verifiable that the person submitting was the director – please include the ‘Directed by’ credit.

*     Please clearly indicate under what circumstances each film in the reel was shot – i.e. 507, 508, 532, outside SCA for a virtual film shot in Fall 2020 – etc.

*     Please email reels to Gail Katz at and by Friday, November 13th

*     On November 9th director semi-finalists are chosen. Notifications sent via EMAIL BLAST to student body by 5:00 PM.

*     Directors are also required to submit a Resume that includes their relevant USC coursework and directing experience.

*     On Tuesday, November 17th director finalists are chosen. Notifications sent via EMAIL BLAST.

Note:  You cannot direct an episode of 486 during the same semester you direct for 477, 480, 546 or 547.

The Directing instructor is TBD.  Please contact Gail Katz with any questions

Students will learn skills for shooting Dramatic Television series, including “single camera style” with 2 cameras, although practically the series will be done virtually.  Each student will learn the roles of Director of Photography, Gaffer, Key Grip, A & X Camera Operators, and 1st AC on a TV series and how they all function together.  In addition to lighting and shooting practical locations, students will learn how to light stage sets and backings.  This semester all camera department will work remotely.

Cinematography instructor is TBD.  Please contact Linda Brown for more info.

**PICTURE EDITORS — 8 students
Students will learn the picture editing skills and the assistant editing skills needed for cutting a Dramatic Television Series. Along with the Aesthetics of Dramatic Picture Editing Classes will be AVID Labs where students will learn and practice the sophisticated Visual Effects skills needed for the Television Pilot, Main Title and Interstitials.  All editing will be done online.

Nancy Forner will be the Editing instructor.  Email for an interview.

**ART DEPARTMENT — 5 students
Students with an interest in the Art Department will have many opportunities on our Dramatic Television Series.  They include: Production Designer, Art Director, Set Decorator, and Prop Master.  The Production Designer will work closely with the Art Director and switch hats per episode to create and design the world for the 486 series, all while working from a remote location.

Michael Provart will be the Art Department instructor.  Please email resumes to Recommended prerequisites CTPR 465, 534 or having production designed a 480 or 546.

**PRODUCTION SOUND — 4 students
Students will experience work with the Tascam digital recorder where they will learn all functions, including downloading files to editing, proper mic techniques, two track recording, etc.  They will also learn all aspects of on-set sound from recording on Sound Devices 633, Boom Techniques, Radio Microphone wiring and placement, Time Code management and general on-set procedures, including work arounds with Camera, Lighting, Locations, Costumes that will enable you to record perfect on-set sound to seamlessly bring the actors performances to the screen. All work will be done remotely.

David Macmillan CAS will be the Production Sound instructor. Please contact for more info.

Note: Post Sound will be done by the CTPR 554 Advanced Sound class

**PRODUCING — 6 students
Assistant Directors — 2
Script Supervisors — 2
Co-Producer — 1
Post Production Producer (Associate Producer) — 1

ADs and Script Supervisors will each be responsible for 1.5 episodes.  Students will learn these vital and fun positions from successful TV working professionals. The Co-Producer will assist the Executive Producers (Showrunners) with all producing responsibilities, including prep, production, and post-production. The Post Producer will liaison between the EPs and the Editorial and Sound departments, and be responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and overseeing all post work.  All producing work will be done remotely.  

Gail Katz will be the Producing instructor. Please submit resume and contact and for an interview.


Contact Information

Name: Mahnoor Euceph