November 27, 2018


Funds for students having difficulty in finishing their thesis films due to unforseen circumstances.


The Carole & Larry Auerbach and Family Finishing Fund
The Irving Lerner Endowment Fund
The Arthur & Lillie Mayer Project Fund


The purpose of finishing funds is to aid students who are having difficulty in finishing their thesis films DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. These funds are limited to $5,000 maximum per recipient and may be used for final tasks such as titles, final prints, mixes, etc. Finishing funds are not for production expenses, distribution expenses or re-shoots; finishing funds are for post-production expenses only.

Students must be enrolled full-time, must be making regular progress towards the degree and must be in good academic standing.

Auerbach Awards:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students in the Animation, Interactive, MA+P, Stark, or Production divisions.
  • At the time of application project must be picture locked, feature complete, or prepared to render and apply effects over the animation frames and final mix of sound.
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA

Lerner and Mayer Awards:

  • Graduate Production Students enrolled in 581, 582, or 587
  • Film/Video must be picture locked at the time of application
  • Mayer Award requires 3.5 GPA; Lerner Award requires 3.0 GPA. .


  1. Finishing Fund Application -
  2. Finishing Fund Letter of Agreement
  3. A cost report of where you are now.
  4. A post-production schedule.
  5. A copy of your original budget.
  6. A completion budget of how you propose to finish the project; this budget should include finishing expenses only.
  7. Actual vendor bids for requested amount(s). Applications without actual bids from their vendor(s) will not be considered.  All standard business procedures apply. Vendors must have CA tax ID numbers and be USC-approved.  If you request reimbursement(s), you must provide proof of payment.  For more information please review the Cinema Student Financial Handbook.
  8. One DVD or password-protected Vimeo link (or other format) to indicate the stage of your project.

Materials must be submitted via email by 5pm on the day of the deadline.  Please email your complete application to


Fall 2018 deadlines:
  • October 20th – open only to students who will graduate in Fall 2018
  • December 5th – open only to students who will be enrolled in a thesis course in Spring 2019
Spring 2019 deadlines:
  • March 25th (Date Extended) – open only to students who will graduate in Spring 2019
  • April 10th – open only to students who will be enrolled in a thesis course in Summer or Fall 2019
Contact Information

Name: Student Services
Phone: 213.740.8358