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Interactive VR Installation

Brenda Chen (Undergrad 2019)

Santiago is an animated virtual reality experience. The viewer stands next to "Santiago", a large sculpture of a fish. Once the viewer puts on the VR headset, she can see the same fish in the virtual world and hear ambient music and sounds. Upon touching the fish, the world as well as the fish animate and change. When the viewer touches the sculpture, she feels like she's touching the animated fish. The surreal environment is alive with color and light. At certain times, Santiago even talks!

Recognition: Honorable Mention at the USC undergraduate research symposium and a graphics card for Best Interactive at the VRSC student festival. We exhibited at the USC undergraduate research symposium, VRSC student festival, Rhythms + Visions, Women in Gaming E3 Afterparty hosted by Two Bit Circus, and will be exhibiting at Tokyo University of the Arts exhibition of Games.