What SCA Is Watching

Kailyn Bondoni

Kailyn Bondoni

Office of Industry Relations

Hello! My name is Kailyn Bondoni and I am the Office Coordinator for the Industry Relations department in SCA! Summer is a great time to try to find new films and shows, but it’s also as good a time as ever to rewatch some favorites, so this is what I’ve been eyeing–

  1. The Parent Trap (1998) – This film is one of my absolute favorites. It beautifully captures summer and some kind of childhood nostalgia and makes me want to go jump in a lake and drink good wine and hang out with my friends and walk purposefully through a hotel with the song "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller playing in the background.

  2. Top Gun: Maverick (2022) – This was the film of the summer of 2022, and purely from the excitement of the return of blockbuster films to theaters (and the 1 second shot of Miles Teller dancing on the beach who are we kidding you know the one) I saw it in theaters maybe 6 times. That’s a high I’ve been chasing through the winter months, and a year later I’m still finding it on my TV on weeknights when I need a good reminder that One Republic can go that hard with a soundtrack song in the 2020s.

  3. Ted Lasso (2020-2023) – This show just really captured the world at a time that it needs positivity and characters that can make you kick your feet and giggle. If there’s one thing I am going to do, it’s feel butterflies in my stomach when Roy Kent shows up on screen. I think people can be turned off by a show that’s so incredibly popular, but if you haven’t watched this show for that reason, I respectfully recommend you get over that obstacle, because this show is a ray of sunshine.

  4. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) – I think it would be criminal to leave this off of my list. This film had some of the most beautiful animation that has ever existed, and on top of that, its scoring, messaging, plot, and character designs all push boundaries and reestablish a bar for good animation. I am so thrilled by the rise of stylistic choices in animation, and this film is the most incredible thing I’ve seen in a while.

  5. Barbie (2023) – I know as I am writing this it hasn’t come out yet, but I was fortunate enough to be a part of an audience test group to see an early version of the film, and this will definitely become a comfort movie to watch for me. I just feel like this list would be lacking without naming the Barbie movie as the quintessential film of the summer with its upbeat pacing, laugh-out-loud comedy, and incredible heart that is just another amazing job done by Greta Gerwig.