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Joselito Seldera '12

Joselito Seldera '12

Adjunct Associate Professor

Hi everyone! I’m Joselito Seldera, an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Cinematic Arts. I’m an independent writer, director, and producer, and create media in branded content and the educational space. I tend to rewatch some of my picks over and over just because I love them and find them comforting to be on in the background, but I’ve also managed to watch my yearly quota of a handful of new shows and movies this past year.

1. Andor (2022): I feel that Rogue One is the best of the Star Wars movies (blasphemy to many, I know), and Andor is the best piece of content out of the entire Star Wars universe. A perfect run up to Rogue One and what’s to followAndor is a dark exploration of the rebellion’s POV, reflecting many of the things that are going on in the world today. Also, Stellan Skarsgärd delivers the monologue of the year. 

2. The Last of Us (2023): I mean, come on. Do I even need to explain? Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey and the entire cast knock it out of the park. Also, it's my favorite video game ever. And Bill and Frank’s episode…wow. I love how it focuses on the people.. In the game, it wasn’t all about the gameplay, it was about getting to the cutscenes. The show seems to follow a similar trajectory. 

3. Narcos (2015) and Narcos Mexico (2018): Seeing the trend?  Before Joel, Pedro Pascal was Javier Peña. Before Andor, Diego Luna was Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.  I started this series sometime around the start of pandemic, and have had it on ever since. I go to SLEEP with this show on. I’m a junkie for cartel history and interpretations, and the show does a great job of exploring the lesser-known figures of the Colombian and particularly Mexican cartels.

4. Ted Lasso (2020): I was hesitant to watch this show at first, but quickly realized how good it was. It has great character development, Ted Lasso’s inner darkness, and of course, football (soccer). Yes, it’s a feel-good show, which came out probably at no better time, but it still holds up today.

5. John Wick 1-4 (2014-2023): I love action movies. And these are a non-stop romp. And there’s no better, simpler logline/premise than “A man seeks revenge when some Russian gangsters kill his dog.”  Personally, as a dog lover, that’s enough to hook me. But you know it’s much, much more than that.