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Grace Fennessy '24

Grace Fennessy '24

Film & Television Production

Hello, SCA Community, my name is Grace Fennessy and I’m a rising Senior studying Film and Television Production. I am originally from Sydney, Australia and moved to Los Angeles not only to study at USC, but to be at the center of the entertainment industry. I currently work at Sony Pictures Entertainment in their Non-Fiction department as a Development Intern. Here are some of the shows and films that I’ve loved lately. 

MH370 (2023): I went back home for spring break to both of my parents telling me that we have to watch the MH370 documentary on Netflix. All of us have been mildly obsessed with the case since the plane went missing, primarily because there was an Australian family on board. I really enjoyed the different voices of this documentary, both ones that have tried to piece together a full narrative and those who have stuck specifically to the facts. I also thought that a three-part documentary series is a great length and people should be making more of those. 

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022): I was genuinely so excited to see this film after a herd of my friends gave the film top marks on Letterboxd. It did not disappoint. I thought the animation was beautiful and detailed with each world we entered, plus I love Salma Hayek’s voice. 

1883 (2021): A lot of family and friends had been begging me to watch Yellowstone which I decided to watch on the long plane ride home from Australia. However, my dad told me I should watch 1883 and 1923 first. At first glance, this is definitely not a show that would interest me—but I really fell in love with the characters of the show. They all had a lot of grit and made the show so bingeable. 

Barbarian (2022): Honestly, with the amount of horror films I watch, it is really hard to make me feel queasy inside. However, Barbarian did that and more. The creature that is a product of unspeakable things is so creepy and really kept me on edge. Despite it being the first horror film in a while to make me feel gross, I thought the comedic elements to the film were so subtle but so good. Justin Long’s character really nails this balance. 

Bad Sisters (2022): I watched this show around six months ago but I cannot stop recommending it. It’s a British thriller comedy about a really crappy husband that makes you want to throw things at the screen in frustration. My all-time favorite show is Broadchurch and this has such a similar energy. All of the sisters in the show are incredible one of the best casts I’ve seen in a really long time. If you have not seen this, you must.