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Christina Denning '13

Christina Denning '13

Director of Alumni Relations

My name is Christina Denning ’13 and I am the Director of Alumni Relations in SCA's External Relations Office. Prior to joining the School of Cinematic Arts team, I worked at the USC Alumni Association and prestigious entertainment companies such as Creative Artists Agency, The Hollywood Reporter, and Paramount Studios. I am an alumna of the USC Marshall School of Business’s John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts Program (BCA) and am a current graduate student studying Project Management at the USC Bovard College. In the spirit of autumn, I recently began watching some Halloween-esque shows.

Scream Queens (2015-2016) – This show was on my radar when it first came out, but I finally began watching it this past month. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it! The writing is very witty, and the overall show seems like a dark comedy version of Mean Girls. A lot of the scenes are over-the-top and outrageous, but I enjoy its play on classic Halloween movies.


The Watcher (2022) – I am only a couple episodes into the season, but I already really like the casting choices, the eerie dark lighting, and the suspenseful nature of the show. Shows and movies that are suspenseful tend to grab my attention more than ones with gore. I was also very intrigued to learn that the show is based off a true story. Knowing this makes it even creepier and I read an article that police have visited the ‘Watcher House’ 58 times since its current owners moved in. Scary!


Stranger Things (2016-present) – I had been keeping up to date with this show until the last two episodes. Luckily, I finally had a chance to watch them this past month. They were very emotional yet inspirational. I liked the female empowerment aspect and how the friendship and comradery continue to grow amongst the characters. These final episodes were exciting and left the audience on edge for what is to come.