Chiara D'Ambrosio

Chiara D'Ambrosio

BFA, Writing for Screen and Television '26

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Chiara D’Ambrosio is a two-time Emmy Nominated Producer and Emmy Award Winning Actress for “The Bay.” She is a recipient of the Gracie Award for her anti-bullying viral video, “Let Your Light Shine,” and is a Co-founder of Mirror Image Films with her sister Bianca. At USC, Chiara is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, USC Reach, and is a student in the John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television and Thematic Option. 

What interests you the most about your specific division or program at SCA? 
The USC School of Cinematic Arts is arguably the most prestigious of its kind in the world. The television and movie industry is centered in Los Angeles, California. Our professors and instructors have years of personal experience in these industries and give students insights that can rarely be achieved at any other university. The quality of the education is beyond compare, and it is an honor to have been accepted into the John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television.

Why did you choose SCA?  
I have lived all my life in Los Angeles and have always dreamt of attending the University of Southern California. The minute that I walked into the SCA complex, I met my future professors and sat in one of the writing rooms. I knew immediately that this was home. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far in your time here?
My biggest challenge has not been academic. I am a twin. My older sister, Bianca, attends the University of California, Berkeley. We have never been apart, and my greatest challenge is learning to live with her absence. The screenwriting program at the USC School of Cinematic Arts is challenging, but it is true that if you love what you do, you never consider it hard work. 

What has been your biggest success?
My biggest success at SCA has been my personal relationships with the faculty and my fellow students. There is such an overwhelming sense of togetherness, and the freedom to express ideas without fear, that makes me look forward to every day that I spend at this amazing university. 

Is there a project you are working on (or have completed) that you're especially proud of?
I am very proud to be one of the producers of the soon-to-be-released feature film, “Sometimes I Think About Dying,” starring Daisy Ridley. Our film opened the Sundance Film Festival in the Dramatic Competition category in January 2023, and will receive its theatrical release in the fall of 2023. 

How has SCA prepared you so far for the career you want?
The USC School of Cinematic Arts, through the education that I am receiving, and the people I am meeting, has given me the foundation upon which to build my career and the confidence to accomplish my goals. 

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?
Acceptance into the USC School of Cinematic Arts can be very competitive, but it is well worth the effort. In life, we are often told that many are called, but few are chosen. That should not deter you from applying to SCA. You cannot be chosen if you do not make the call. I could not imagine myself anywhere else.