Kyle Ang

Kyle Ang

BA, Media Arts + Practice '22

An interview with Media Arts + Practice student, Kyle Ang.
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What interests you the most about your specific division or program at SCA?

What really drew me into Media Arts + Practice was the interdisciplinary nature of it. The opportunity to explore all that I wanted, and combine different fields of studies to tell stories, and create an impact in digital experiences is something that really sparked my excitement. Moreover, I wanted to meet people like me who had a variety of different interests — to work with, learn with, and grow with these individuals was something I’ve always strived to become a part of.

Why did you choose SCA?

I chose SCA for the quality of not only resources, but the people who are there to guide you through your academic and life journey. I think SCA has faculty and peers that truly care about your growth as not only a student, but as an individual. As a transfer student, I found SCA to be an exciting and supportive place that offered me resources and the people to help execute my ideas.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in your time here?

My biggest challenge in my time here is navigating mental health challenges and finding what I truly enjoy vs. what I feel pressured to enjoy by society. There are always people and work to compare yourself to, which can make it hard to focus on your own timeline and progress. And there’s always something to do — so it’s hard to avoid beating yourself up for prioritizing your well-being.

What has been your biggest success?

I’m currently working on my thesis which is a zine — or a book? (it has more than 300 pages now) — about mental health and identity in the Asian community. I aimed to have 20 submissions and it acquired more than 60! My goal of the zine was to humanize the AAPI community in fighting against both mental health stigma and the stereotypes the model minority myth perpetuates. To be a catalyst in creating a space for AAPI individuals to feel safe enough and empowered to share their stories and experiences is something I am proud of doing.  

Is there a project you are working on (or have completed) that you're especially proud of? (It doesn’t have to be work associated with SCA. If applicable, please provide a link to the project, or information about it)

One of the most fun projects I’ve ever completed was recreating a scene from the movie, Matilda (1996). Choosing a scene where Matilda learned how to use her powers was challenging, as well as the scene where there were montages of her family. It was really fun to direct and film my family as my actors, and use creative ways to re-imagine the production set with yellow tissue paper for curtains, and fishing wire to make a milk carton float. It turned out to be better than I expected, and I enjoyed the whole process of story boarding, filming, directing, and editing/color-grading.

How has SCA prepared you so far for the kind of career you want to have?

I want a career in which I can communicate stories, create visuals and design that convey missions and causes, and improve or refine experiences for others. I’ve always been fascinated in the intersection of design, tech and psychology — which is why I find the UI/UX and product design fields to appeal to me most. It would be great to dive into doing UX design for behavioral health tech or something related to mental health. But I’m still open to whatever may spark my interest in the future — such as short films and documentaries. I feel SCA has prepared me for this type of career by allowing me to explore as much as I need to in both eliminating those that aren’t right for me, and finding excitement in various projects that help piece together what I may be interested in for the future.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?

If you’re looking to apply to SCA, remember to focus on what you want to do, and how you want to do it. I think SCA seeks for both visionaries and doers. Be someone who dares to both dream and do. Stay genuine, open-minded, and believe in yourself and your abilities to make an impact — because you really can — both in the small circles of your life, and little pockets of the universe.