Jillian Ruvalcaba

Jillian Ruvalcaba

BFA Film and Television Production '21

Jilian Ruvalcaba's 310 project, Bitchin Bibles. Password is Bibles
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1) What interests you the most about your specific division at SCA? 

What interests me the most about the Film and TV Production major is the ability to gain a wide variety of filmmaking skills, from cinematography, to editing, to directing. You definitely understand each step of the filmmaking process thoroughly and become a well-rounded filmmaker. Some skills are more technical than others, but they all help to serve your creative vision. I also appreciate the emphasis on story within our films. SCA encourages its students to focus on what kind of stories they want to tell, empowering us by making sure our voices are heard.


2) Why did you choose SCA? How has SCA prepared you so far in your career in entertainment?

I chose SCA because I felt it was the school that was going to prepare me best for the entertainment industry. There’s a reason that SCA has been ranked the #1 film school in the nation for so many years. I believe that the wonderful faculty, the resources provided, and the Trojan family connections have given me the tools necessary to navigate the film industry confidently. I love that we have access to resume workshops, panel discussions, and career fairs. There are so many resources available that are setting us up for success.


3) What has been your biggest challenge so far in your time here?

My high school did not offer a film program, so I did not have a huge technical background in filmmaking before coming to SCA. I definitely had a hard time catching up with my peers in terms of cinematography and lighting. Even though I would not consider those two my strongest filmmaking skills, I feel that my professors have prepared me well enough to feel more confident in the G&E department.


4) What has been your biggest success?

I would say my biggest success has been my CTPR 310 experience and the relationships I made in the class with my peers and with faculty. That class pushed me to be a better filmmaker by challenging me to think on my feet as well as collaborate closely with others. My trio and I created three wonderful films that we are incredibly proud of. My trio mates are truly some of the most talented and passionate filmmakers, and I know I am going to work with them in the future.


5) Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of?

Yes! My 310 junior thesis film, Bitchin’ Bibles. It’s a dark comedy about two 1970s bible salesmen who witness a murder at a client’s house. A lot of hard work, 70s funk, and love went into that film.  https://vimeo.com/365190413  Password: Bible


6) How has being a Wolfson Family Foundation scholar at Trojan Vision Television helped you in achieving your goals? 

The resources at Trojan Vision allowed me to hone my filmmaking skills as well as create content that I am proud of. I was a show co-host as well as a promotions manager. Both experiences solidified my love for acting and film. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to gain live-television experience as that is something I would love to explore in my career with a late-night show.


7) What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?

Really focus on your individualism and the stories you want to tell in your application. There is no perfect formula for getting into SCA! Don’t think you only have to make certain types of films to get in. The faculty reading your application really want to know who you are and what you will bring the school. Also, your visual sample is not the end-all-be-all. Really focus on your writing samples as well!