Adele Biraghi

Adele Biraghi

MFA in Film and Television Production '20

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What interests you the most about your specific division or program at SCA? 

I am specializing in writing, directing and production design, my three passions.

Why did you choose SCA?  

After my BA in London I wanted a gateway to the American film industry and after some research I realized the USC School of Cinematic Arts was the perfect place to create a professional network and start building my career.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in your time here?

The biggest challenge in my time here has been to balance my work/school time with my off time and sleep schedule because this degree is very busy and the expectations are very high. We end up going to class every day and then working on set during the weekend.

What has been your biggest success?

I am very proud of my 3.95 GPA as well as the fact that I was able to work as a student assistant for several professors over the degree, to make even more connections for my future. I feel like in these three years I have tried to been as open and receptive to opportunities as possible, including attending film festivals, attending premieres and Q&As and many other extra-curricular activities.

Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of?

There are two movies I am particularly proud to have been a part of: Teddy Mate, a 546 thesis film that I designed, a wonderful experience with a great crew, and Mommy's Girl, part of the class 508, which I wrote and directed, with an actress as young as 5 years old as the protagonist. Mommy's Girl can be found on my Vimeo ( Mate is still private because it's running in the festival circuit but you can find a little taste (the opening shot) at the bottom of THIS PAGE. In the last year of my undergraduate degree back in London I also was the production designer for a “tim burton-esque” fantasy movie that came out very pretty. This film is also still private but there are many stills that showcase my work that can be found here under "A Shadow's Story".

How has SCA prepared you so far in your career in entertainment?

The most valuable aspect of SCA is that most if not all teachers are working industry professional, so I feel that their advice and their experience is a fantastic insight in the World I hope to be working in and I always try and pick their brains.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?

If I was giving advice to an SCA applicant I would tell them to be true to their taste in movies and stylistic choices to make sure they always produce work that is original and close to their heart, and makes them stand out. It also has helped me a lot to volunteer as a crew member on older student's projects to get an idea of the scope and possibilities of the classes and projects I would be in my semesters to come, and I learned a great deal about which mistakes to avoid.