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Eva Hill

Eva Hill

MFA, Animation & Digital Arts '20

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1. Why did you choose SCA? What are you studying?
I chose SCA because of the school's curriculum, and respected relationship in the film community. Also, I was interested in moving to Los Angeles (I was living in New York, and yes those winters are brutal). I'm studying animation and am working in both 2D and 3D formats. 

2. What has been your biggest challenge(s) so far in your time here?
My biggest challenge has been trying to take advantage of all the beneficial programs and events USC has to offer. I'm also a part-time freelancer, so balancing school and outside projects while making time for special events has been a challenge. 

3.  Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of? 
I've been learning 3D design and animation while at USC. Here's a sample of what I've been learning (see below): 


4. Any advice for prospective students who would like to study in your division?
I would tell prospective animation students to be open and ready to experiment. I came in with a good idea of what I wanted to do, but have since explored so many other aspects of animation that interest me. Enjoy the process of learning. 

5. Is there anything outside of your coursework –– an internship/project that you've been involved with? How did your work at SCA prepare you for it?
I recently illustrated my second book for HarperCollins -- you can check it out here: ... I'm also interning in the story department at Illumination. I'm working with their custom content team writing and boarding Minions gags -- so fun. USC helped me gain connections to the industry, which allowed me to learn about this internship. 

Eva Hill is a 3rd year MFA candidate in Animation from Winston-Salem, NC
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