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Ankita Panda

Ankita Panda

MFA, Animation & Digital Arts '20

Watch Ankita's first SCA film, Journeys through Space and Time
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1. Why did you choose SCA? What are you studying?
The Animation program at SCA has a holistic approach towards film making and each piece of work produced here has its own distinct style and is unique in terms of concept and execution. There are only 15 students admitted every year and each one of them has a strong focus on pushing boundaries and developing new and different means to express themselves. I felt that the faculty and facilities here would give me the right opportunities to learn what would align well with my career objectives.
2. What has been your biggest challenge(s) so far in your time here?
After I came here I learnt that people talk way more than they do. One of the biggest challenges was learning how to navigate through the inconsistencies in peoples words and actions.
3. Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of?
One of my favorite projects is the first film I made at USC, Journeys through Space and Time. It is an immersive experience that explores change in direction, perspective, and repeating patterns nature by placing the viewer in the center of a virtual 3D kaleidoscope.
4. Any advice for prospective students who would like to study in your division?
In order to make the best use of all the resources at SCA, it is important to be clear about the kind of work you want to make or research. It also helps meet the right people and build a community, which is so important, especially for those far away from home. 
5.  Is there anything outside of your coursework –– an internship/project that you've been involved with? How did your work at SCA prepare you for it?
I have done a couple of immersive design projects for 21st Century Fox, the Getty and Disneyworld, and I got all these projects through the hep of the faculty at the animation department. 
Ankita Panda is a M.F.A. candidate in Animation & Digital Arts from India.