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Christopher Hernandez

Christopher Hernandez

MFA Production '21

SCA Production Division
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1) Why did you choose SCA? What are you studying?
Family means the world to me and I truly believe SCA embodies that to its finest roots. As told constantly by Alumni, the relationships built while at SCA go beyond the date of graduation, and knowing the Trojan Mafia will extend a hand anywhere we go is incredibly beautiful. Growing up in the greater Los Angeles area, choosing SCA was a no brainer, I feel extremely blessed and humbled to walk through the same grounds, where our predecessors paved ways for us to explore new horizons.
One of the blessings of being apart of the MFA program in the Film and Television Production division is that we are encouraged to explore all aspects of filmmaking. Not only have I been able to continue perfecting my craft of Cinematography, but I have also been introduced to the world of Sound and truly dive into the art form.
2) What has been your biggest challenge(s) so far in your time here?
As cliche as it may sound, one of my biggest challenges has definitely been the journey of discovering my voice as a filmmaker. Being the first-born American generation of 2 immigrant parents, I am constantly striving to introduce a refined and true representation of the lives we as minorities carry in America. There is so much work still to be done and I definitely feel the weight to be a voice for my community, being one of the few Hispanic students in the program, but what better place to break new grounds, than with the platform we are provided here at SCA.
3) Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of? (If applicable, please provide a link to the project, or to information about it)
My 508 Perdóname Dios stands alone as one of the projects I will always hold dear to my heart. Not only did I have the opportunity to film this piece in my native language (Spanish), but it was also the first time my family was exposed to my work. It was an absolutely humbling and thrilling experience to screen my film in front of my talented peers and hear their support, as I shared an unforgettable moment with my family.

4) Any advice for prospective students who would like to study in your division?
Surround yourself with people who you respect not solely filmmakers, but on the individual level. These are the people who will inspire you to challenge your limits and help you grow as a person. Build on the bonds and relationships with the people you vibe with at SCA, because they will be the ones making you laugh at midnight in the final days of the Post-Production process. The trenches of the film and television industry can be extremely ruthless, so why not travel through the fires as a pack?