c. Craig Patterson

c. Craig Patterson

MFA Production '20

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1) Why did you choose SCA?
I chose SCA because some of the most creative filmmakers in history have called this place home. Women and men whose films left a residue on my soul. I consider myself extremely lucky to be here, so I’m happy that we chose each other. 

2) What are you studying?
Story, camera, directing but mostly the importance of collaboration.  

3) What has been your biggest challenge(s) so far in your time here?
This past summer I worked on a film outside of school but with a lot of my classmates and friends from school. We pulled together and made something that we are all very proud of. We overcame scarcity of money and time with our belief in each other’s skills. Productions will always have some seemingly insurmountable challenge. Your friends will always help you conquer them. 

4) Is there a project you are working (or have completed) that you're especially proud of?
For my 508, we created something that stretched beyond my normal aesthetic choices and allowed me to play differently with character, color, composition, and approach. Beauregard seems to give people an outlet to laugh about something that they find true. That makes me smile. 

5) Any advice for prospective students who would like to study in your division?
Find some people in your classes who you enjoy being around, who never seek to extinguish your creativity through misguided competition, who make every room they stand in better, and make movies with them every chance you get.