Carolyn Diloreto

Carolyn Diloreto

BA, Media Arts + Practice '18

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1. What interests you the most about Media Arts and Practice? What interests me most about MA+P is the broad landscape that the program covers. At the intersection of storytelling and technology, Media Arts + Practice offers a unique opportunity to explore the future of cinema within a technically-advancing society. I have enjoyed the technical side, design thinking side, and the storytelling side equally.
2. What originally led you to studying Media Arts and Practice? As I was applying to colleges, I wanted to be in a program where I could be both creative and technical (I had been interested in computer science as well as film production as a senior). I was drawn to Media Arts + Practice not only because it would allow me to explore both sides of the industry, but because of how renowned USC's School of Cinematic Arts is. As a naturally curious individual, I was attracted to the innovative and forward-thinking aspect of the program. I was confident that this program would equip me with a broad range of skills to succeed in this quickly advancing industry

3. What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA? My main advice would be to stay curious. Don't worry too much about picking exactly what job you want to do when you graduate. Be open-minded in broadening your knowledge and skill set, because there is so much to learn and jobs to discover within the industry.
4. How has this program prepared you so far in your career in entertainment and new media? This program has prepared me in various ways. As a freshman, we became familiar with speculative design theory and were encouraged early on to think outside the box. From there, I have learned various technical skills from computer programming, web development, and video/animation software. I have also become familiar with user-centered thinking when it comes to designing stories and projects. All these skills combined have prepared me to tackle various aspects of the entertainment industry. It has opened doors to opportunities of fields I was never even familiar with prior to arriving at USC.
5. What have been your biggest challenges at USC? One of the most challenging things for me at USC has been not letting myself compare myself to other people. Most majors at USC are fairly focused with a clear end goal, and in contrast, Media Arts + Practice opens a broad playing field of exploration where the end goal may be a career that might not even exist yet. It has been challenging to describe my various interests to other people and have them meet me with doubt. I have learned to trust my gut and have confidence in my passion for innovation. Although my interests are not focused to a specific field that I can master, I am excited for the opportunities that have opened because of my program at USC.

6. Are there any projects you’re working on right now? Where can people find out more about your work? As a senior in MA+P, I am currently working on my thesis project. I am creating an interactive installation to increase people's kinesthetic understand by encouraging them to explore how their body moves and the space around them. Having a minor within the Kaufman School of Dance, I've always been curious about the integration of dance and media technologies. Using a Microsoft Kinect to sense movement, the lighting design and audio of the enclosed space will change according to the movement within it. Using an element of play, I hope to motivate people who don't often feel confident to dance to become curiously immersed in the space I create. My thesis project will be on display early next semester, and more of my work can be found at
7. Do you have any other interests in the entertainment industry, or outside of it?
My primary interest in the entertainment industry is visual film-making and the technical aspects behind that. This includes cinematography, post production, color correction, and the technologies involved in every process. As a current intern at both IMAX and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I have become more involved with the technical side of how an image is produced on the screen.

8. What does it mean for you to have been a finalist for DEG's Hedy Lamarr scholarship?It is an incredible honor to be finalist for DEG's Hedy Lamarr scholarship. Awarded to female students who integrate film and technology in their work, it brings me confidence as a woman to succeed within this niched field. This is a field that desperately lacks diverse innovative perspectives, and I am grateful for the support that DEG provides to young women pursuing professions within the technical side of the entertainment industry. Being a finalist inspires me to continue to advocate for and empower woman in this rapidly advancing field.
9. Anything else you would like to share? Because Media Arts + Practice is a fairly new division, its curriculum and philosophy continues to slightly morph and change in relation to the industry. I am excited to see how this program will continue to evolve throughout the years and what careers students from this program will pursue!