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Shawn Wong

Shawn Wong

Peter Stark Producing Program '18

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1. What interests you the most about producing? Producing provides the opportunity to champion underrepresented stories and voices. I also value the fact that producing can be inherently communal, promoting creativity and collaboration. 
2. What originally led you to producing? As cliché as this may sound, I desire a different world for a younger generation of POCs - one in which fair representation and inclusivity allow them to not only see people who look like them on-screen, but also empower them with opportunities to create, write, and share their own stories and voices.
3. How has this program prepared you so far in your career in producing? The program and its faculty illuminate the industry as one that is constantly evolving, taking into consideration the impact of technology, audience trends, and the global marketplace. The program also delves into the creative aspects of producing through script analysis and development, writing, and production courses. Not only is this 360-degree viewpoint helpful as I learn to navigate this field, but the program also encourages us to connect with creatives both within and outside of SCA, helping me build relationships and grow my professional network. 
4. What are you involved in right now? Where can people find out more about your work? I'm currently co-producing an animated short film funded through Stark. I'm also interning at UTA as part of my Stark Summer Internship and recently completed an internship with Amazon Studios. Both internships have been very rewarding, providing valuable insight into the industry. Additionally, I remain devoted to the AAPI community as an executive officer and governing board member for the Asian American Journalists Association. 
5. What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to the Peter Stark Producing Program? I encourage prospective students to think about their decision to apply to Stark as a holistic one. Stark emboldens the entrepreneurial spirit and will equip you with the tools to succeed, but it's ultimately up to you to make it happen! 
6. What have been your biggest challenges at USC? What I value about the Stark Program is that each course introduces you to a wide range of new opportunities and challenges; you're constantly learning to adapt to new scenarios and in the process gain valuable insight into the entertainment industry. The dynamic and comprehensive curriculum at Stark encourages you to grow and challenge yourself.