Kasuba Mukuka

Kasuba Mukuka

Peter Stark Producing Program '18

A Vodaphone Commerical Produced by Kasuba
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How has the School of Cinematic Arts changed your view of producing? SCA and Stark in particular has exposed me to a different aspect of producing – creative producing, which is the reason I decided to apply to Stark. Prior to Stark, what I knew was that producers find a script they like, budget to produce it into a film, find the money, and are the problem solvers. All of which is true and important but I am also creative and artistic and I am learning that as a producer I can and should use these artistic qualities to be a creative force in developing my own ideas as well as others through varying avenues, and ensuring they come to life in the best way possible artistically as well as efficiently.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking at applying to your program? Attending Peter Stark is an investment that takes hard work and commitment. If the program resonates with you and the goals you want to achieve for your career, go for it! I’ve learned so much and have had amazing opportunities already that are shaping my career. There are remarks about the program being highly competitive and selective and that is true. However, do not be intimidated, there are 24 empty spots waiting to be taken up every year. Dare to be one of the 24. I’m a firm believer that passion, hard work, and dedication always speaks on your behalf and will lead the way for you.

How has the School of Cinematic Arts prepared you so far for a career in producing? SCA has been preparing me in a number of ways but most importantly, in refining my taste. I always knew when I liked a film or a book but now I am able to articulate and point out what makes them good for me and I look for these qualities in the material I am presented with, making me much better at gauging what is actually producible. I have more confidence in my choices through being taught by working industry professionals, opportunities to intern at acclaimed production houses, and networking with fellow like-minded students.

What have been the biggest challenges for you at USC? My biggest challenge has probably been managing my time. My program is very involving so I find that between classes, projects, interning, and keeping up to date with films and TV shows, I hardly have any time for myself except to sleep! But if was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

What in your past has given you inspiration or a unique point of view that you bring to USC? I think being born and raised in Zambia is definitely something unique I bring to USC. A lot of Africans are natural born storytellers and story telling is a big part of our culture be it through a grandmothers tales, traditional dances, or plays. There are a multitude of stories, of which many are globally appealing, to be told from an African perspective. Being able to tell these stories skillfully with African authenticity and texture will expose the masses to an untapped territory and market and I’m really excited to share that.

Where can people find more about your work? Most recently during what was supposed to be a hiatus a few months ago, I worked with Zambia’s leading production house GroundXero, where I produced an inspirational documentary and launch commercial for Vodafone, an international telecommunications company that was launching in Zambia. They are available to watch via the links below;



Prior to this I had worked as a Production Coordinator in New York. One of the films I worked on was ‘Oiled Up’ thats currently making its rounds in the festival circuit.


I have also produced and directed a couple of short films that are currently in post-production. More information about the films and what else I’m working on is made available on my facebook and instagram pages ‘Kasuba Mukuka’ and ‘@goforkasuba’ respectively.