Georg Luif

Georg Luif

MFA, Interactive Media & Games '18

Video of Georg's Beyond the Door installation
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How has the School of Cinematic Arts changed your view of Interactive Media? The nature of my discipline (Interactive Media & Games) encompasses a wide range of subcategories – during my time in the program I learned that designers may have to wear different hats from project to project. Swiftly adjusting to changing circumstances is what makes for a successful designer.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking at applying to your program? I would recommend looking at games developed by Alumni’s, as well as I immersing yourself in talks and interviews with the teachers to get a sense of the program.

How has the School of Cinematic Arts prepared you so far for a career in Interactive Media? Through classes that are heavily project based and focused on professionalization I have gained tremendous insight on how to turn ideas into a reality. With every class we add tools on our tool belts. Additionally, to learning the technicalities of game design, we are guided through team projects with a focus on achieving successful and fruitful collaborations.

What have been the biggest challenges for you at USC? As an international student it was a challenge acclimatizing myself to the participatory nature of classes, especially when using English, which is not my native language. I soon found out that I am in a group of creative people sharing the same passion - participation comes naturally!

What in your past has given you inspiration or a unique point of view that you bring to USC? Studying Media Arts in Vienna, Austria, I was artistically exploring the aesthetics and context of German Expressionism and Film Noir. These two styles had a powerful impact on me and made me even more interested in a cultural/artistic exchange.

What personal projects have you worked on and/or are currently working on?

Krieg & Liebe – This Third Person Exploration game takes place at the end of the second world war and lets the player explore a narrative through spatial exploration.

Playable Demo:

Reflektion is an interactive installation using a physical telephone as a controller. It explores multiple, interwoven story threads.


Beyond The Door is an interactive installation using positional tracking and explores the convergence of Film Noir, German expressionism and Shooter Games.

Playable Demo & Video: