The one degree of its kind presented in the larger context of a Tier 1 Research University, this program offers an unpredicted exploration of the Themed Entertainment Industry. Our narrative first focus builds on the history of themed entertainment, while infusing this cutting edge field with radical innovations in technology. This unique degree pulls from all across the USC spectrum of courses, and takes unique advantage of Los Angeles’ legendary location, as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

The faculty admissions committee evaluates applications for originality, clarity, personal insight and artistic excellence. Considerable importance is placed on the creative work demonstrated within the application. Some applicants may be contacted for an interview in order for the admissions committee to learn more information or gain clarification of submitted materials. By limiting the evaluation to the items listed, the committee ensures that all applicants are judged by the same criteria.

Access the Themed Entertainment Bachelor of Fine Arts Program - Current USC Transfer SlideRoom Application here. Access the Themed Entertainment Bachelor of Fine Arts Program - Current USC Transfer SlideRoom Application here.

  1. Personal Statement (Must be uploaded in PDF format only):

    The Themed Entertainment Personal Statement is an opportunity to express your ideas about and interest in Themed Entertainment, help us to understand your background and creative potential, and explain your reasons for wanting to enter the themed entertainment field. We are looking for a sense of you as a unique individual and how your distinctive experiences, identities, values, and/or views of the world have shaped who you are.

    Understand that we define "themed entertainment" as that section of the entertainment / education industries that uses physical immersion in a space as one of its key tools for storytelling. For us Themed Entertainment includes theme parks, museums, zoos, aquaria, parades, trade show exhibitory, specialty retail and dining and often overlaps into contemporary, evolving entertainment forms such as escape rooms and immersive theater. It is an "industry of industries" where there are many different potential careers, everything from pure three-dimensional design, to ride engineering, to parade design, to fireworks and environmental special effects, to themed dining, etc., etc., etc.

    Applicants must submit a letter that is no longer than 3 total pages in length with no more than 1 page of copy and 2 pages of imagery (images used as examples to illustrate their reasoning).

  2. Project Question (Must be uploaded in PDF format only):

    Describe a project that you worked on with multiple collaborators that left you feeling proud and fulfilled. Discuss your role in the project and explain why this collaboration was successful. Then, describe another collaborative project that left you unsatisfied. Discuss your role in the project and explain why this collaboration frustrated you. Finally, summarize what you learned from each of these experiences and describe the lessons you learned that inspire your future collaborations. (No more than one page)

  3. Technical Skill (Must be uploaded in PDF format only):

    Please list any technical skills or software you are familiar with, as well as any other software or skills you believe would be applicable.

  4. Development Portfolio (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    Applicants should submit a portfolio of 10-15 pieces of content that represent their work that is most relevant to the Themed Entertainment field. This content can include:

    • 2D/3D artwork and/or animation, including storyboards
    • Puppets or physical creations
    • Interior design & lighting
    • Games or Immersive Media
    • Demonstrations of Engineering or Business skills
    • Or any other samples that represent the applicant's capabilities

    Moving images should be uploaded as individual files not to exceed a total of 15 minutes of material. Please do not upload one single large file.

    Regarding playable game content, browser games that do not require installation or have strict system requirements will be more accessible to our admissions committee.

  5. Creative Sample Question (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    Tell us which project within your Portfolio that you are most proud of. What do you believe it demonstrates in regards to your readiness to join our program, and what did you learn from the experience of its creation?

As part of the Interactive Media and Games Division applicant review process, applicants may be selected to have a remote video interview with faculty or staff. Not every applicant will be interviewed, and an interview is not required for admission. The window for the interview time may vary, so please keep an eye on the inbox of the email address used in your application for a request to schedule one. Please respond to such requests within 72 hours.