The Division of Cinema & Media Studies is committed to the understanding of film, television and new media in relation to the world. By studying and analyzing these forms and the processes behind their creation, Cinema & Media Studies scholars gain insight into the power and aesthetics of moving image media. Cinema & Media Studies students also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience of film and television by taking hands-on production courses.

The graduate program combines historical training with the integration of theory and practice, as it prepares students for a changing discipline that demands varied competencies. The Division of Cinema & Media Studies seeks applicants who represent a multiplicity of perspectives to join a vibrant community of thinkers and practitioners. We value applicants who demonstrate the potential to enhance the Division's profile and direct its growth through the breadth of their research and interests.

The committee favors applicants with academic records and personal statements that indicate a varied liberal arts and humanities background. The committee is also interested in experiences and activities that show a continuing or recent involvement in film and television studies, the arts, criticism and/or aesthetics.

You must submit the SlideRoom Application titled: "Graduate Cinema & Media Studies PhD Program".

You must access the SlideRoom Application via the "Go to SlideRoom" link in the SlideRoom tab in the Program Materials quadrant of the Graduate Application for Admission. The SlideRoom Application should only be accessed via this button in order for your applications to be linked and successfully submitted.

  1. Cinematic Arts Personal Statement (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    The Cinematic Arts Personal Statement should be a carefully prepared explanation of the applicant's goals, describing any film, television, scholarly, critical or other creative background, as well as career objectives. It should present a clear and accurate picture of the applicant, including lived experience or personal history, which may give shape to research and teaching. The statement should outline objectives in the field of cinema and media studies and explain how attending the School of Cinematic Arts will help reach these goals. We are looking for a sense of you as a unique individual and how your distinctive experiences, values, and/or views of the world have shaped who you are.

  2. Writing Sample (Must be uploaded in PDF format only. Writing Samples should be no longer than 20 pages.)

    The writing sample should be a review or analysis of some aspect of film, television, or new media; a discussion or application of critical theory; or a published article.

  3. Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    The CV/resume should provide a record of the applicant's background and experience, including both professional and academic settings. Formal recognition - such as awards, publications, presentations, and jobs- should be noted. Please indicate languages of competency, which may broaden and deepen the division's commitments to global film and/or media.