Media Arts + Practice (MA+P) is an interdisciplinary storytelling program combining the study of contemporary digital media with hands-on production and research. Students learn to create experiences across several different platforms: still images, text, audio, video, interactivity, web-based interfaces, social media, mobile environments and physical computing. The curriculum focuses heavily on the exploration of emerging genres such as virtual reality, stereoscopy, transmedia storytelling and interactive performance. Core critical themes include data visualization, social change, remix, public interactivity, design fiction and worldbuilding. View the Media Arts + Practice website here.

The Media Arts + Practice admission committee favors materials that indicate a diverse background in media production or Cinema & Media Studies, design and/or programming. The committee is also interested in experiences and activities that show a continuing or recent involvement with hybrid forms of new media-based scholarship. The committee ensures that all applicants are judged equitably by limiting evaluation to the items listed.

You must submit the SlideRoom Application titled: "Graduate PhD Media Arts + Practice Program".

You must access the SlideRoom Application via the "Go to SlideRoom" link in the SlideRoom tab in the Program Materials quadrant of the Graduate Application for Admission. The SlideRoom Application should only be accessed via this button in order for your applications to be linked and successfully submitted.

  1. Cinematic Arts Personal Statement (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    The personal statement should describe the applicant's motivations and career objectives and relate them to past experiences with media, design, programming or scholarly practice. In addition, applicants should describe a hybrid scholarly/creative project that exemplifies the type of work they want to pursue while in the program. Applicants are under no obligation to undertake this project if accepted to the program, but may consider this as an opportunity to present their research/design interests in concrete terms. We are looking for a sense of you as a unique individual and how your distinctive experiences, identities, values, and/or views of the world have shaped who you are. (3-5 pages, double-spaced)

  2. Writing Sample (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    The writing sample should demonstrate an applicant's ability to write with sophistication and clarity about matters of relevance to the theory and practice of media arts. Scripts and screenplays will not be accepted. (8-15 pages, double-spaced)

  3. Media Portfolio Link

    Provide the direct URL for your online media portfolio. The portfolio provides an opportunity for applicants to present creative work for which they were the primary creator, designer or programmer. In general, applicants are encouraged to emphasize quality over quantity in selecting materials for the portfolio. Time-based works should not total more than 15 minutes. Excerpts of longer works are welcome. Please ensure that your URL is public and remains available. URLs that require a login, expire or become inaccessible will not be considered.

  4. Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Must be uploaded in PDF format only)

    The CV/resume should provide a record of the applicant's background and experience, including both professional and academic settings. Formal recognition - such as awards, publications, presentations, and jobs- should be noted.