SCA Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement
The USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) recognizes, values and celebrates the diversity of our community of students, staff and faculty. SCA is committed to equity by providing our community with resources to achieve academic, personal and professional success.

What is Diversity?
The School of Cinematic Arts defines diversity to include age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, body size, socioeconomic status, country of origin, veteran status, religious practice and political ideology.

What are the pillars of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?


    Ensure equitable access to the resources to achieve academic, personal and professional success.


    Be transparent, take responsibility for what needs to change, and make a plan to act upon it.


    Recognize the hierarchical and oppressive histories of media industries and academia, and the need to shift industry paradigm to be more collaborative and inclusive.


    Cultivate a feeling of being part of the community (academic, social, and physical/spatial).


    Inspire critical and constructive dialogue about differences that enhance our creative and scholarly work. Encourage participation and a willingness to learn, evolve and change our community together.


    Promote equity and equip community members with the skills to advocate for themselves and for others.


    Lead media industries and academia toward the imagining of a new status quo that prioritizes equity and inclusion as guiding principles.

What are we doing to act on this commitment?

  • Maintain the SCA Council on Diversity & inclusion to specifically address equity, diversity and inclusion within our community (link to SCA Council on Diversity & Inclusion site:
  • Promote institutional support for advocacy/activism at all levels  (link to council initiatives and working groups)
  • Recruit and retain diverse students, faculty and staff
  • Create opportunities for connection and community
  • Create opportunities for mentorship
  • Create opportunities for community unlearning and relearning
  • Establish new standards across the SCA curriculum
  • Redesign SCA spaces to prioritize equity and inclusion
  • Increase institutional communication and transparency
  • Center inclusive events
  • Enable confidential feedback and reporting (DEI Helpline: ) 
  • Expand funding opportunities for students

If you would like to provide feedback on ways to improve our efforts, please let us know by using the DEI Helpline (

Division Liaisons

Each division within the School of Cinematic Arts designates a Diversity & Inclusion Liaison to represent the interest of students concerning issues of diversity and inclusion. We encourage students to contact their division representative to report a problem or talk about any issues relating to diversity and inclusion within the SCA community.

Evan Hughes
Interim Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion
Media Arts + Practice

Maks Naporowski
Expanded Animation and Digital Arts

Lan Duong
Cinema & Media Studies

Tyger Williams
Writing for Screen & Television

Gordon Bellamy
Interactive Media & Games Division

DJ Johnson
Media Arts + Practice

Suhail F. Kafity
Film & Television Production

Helaine Head
Film & Television Production

Bailey Cool
Peter Stark Producing Program

Desa Philadelphia
Director of SCA First Gen
USC Communications

Nicole Jefferson
Writing for Screen and Television

Rachel Levine
Animation and Digital Arts

Community & Engagement

The power of Diversity in the web series format explored at SCA.

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