The USC School of Cinematic Arts believes a diverse and inclusive learning environment is important for the success of our institution and our industry. We embrace our role in preparing the next generation of media creators and scholars, who come from diverse communities within the United States and around the world. As future media industry leaders, their viewpoints will reflect and shape our culture in unprecedented ways. Everyone in our community is accountable for creating and maintaining diverse creative spaces. We subscribe to the following values and practices:

  • Everyone benefits from diversity of voices in SCA classes and workspaces.
  • We seek diverse candidates in our hiring of faculty and staff.
  • Diversity includes being supportive of backgrounds and views other than your own; hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • We uphold freedom of expression by encouraging different perspectives and creative approaches, and by fostering an environment of open dialogue.
  • Learning happens in multiple directions—between teachers and students, artists and audiences, scholars and consumers.
  • SCA’s advancement efforts, including those aimed at scholarships and extracurricular programs, should foster diversity and inclusion.
  • We support industry partners’ efforts to create opportunities for underrepresented media makers.
  • We recognize and celebrate the global impact of our education and media endeavors, and welcome international approaches to media scholarship and creation.

Our culture is making strides towards a more inclusive society and so is SCA. We are committed to doing our part to make the cinematic arts as diverse as the audiences that are engaged and inspired by the power of our media.
The role of the SCA Council on Diversity & Inclusion is to promote and support inclusivity among students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, friends and industry partners. We urge each member of the SCA Family to participate in creating a learning environment that respects all creative voices.  For guidelines on how to report an issue related to diversity and inclusion, see our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers/Guidelines, or contact any of the following division’s Liaisons. 

Division Liaisons

Each division within the School of Cinematic Arts designates a Diversity & Inclusion Liaison to represent the interest of students concerning issues of diversity and inclusion. We encourage students to contact their division representative to report a problem or talk about any issues relating to diversity and inclusion within the SCA community.

Kathy Smith

Lan Duong

Jane Pinckard

Evan Hughes

Norman Hollyn

Claudia Walters

Keryl Brown

Sonja Warfield

Community & Engagement

Lalo’s House screening and discussion sheds light on human trafficking.

Our Voices
Alumni Film

Director of box office hits such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Barber Shop, and Fantastic Four sat down with SCA students for a Q&A.

Tim Story
Our Voices

Gifting a Cinematic Education to South and East L.A. High Schoolers

Summer Program

Student Stories

Queer Cut

Queer Cut

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Georgina Chiou

Georgina Chiou

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IME Becas announcement

IME Becas announcement

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