Minor Students

Minor students must be of the age of 16 or 17 at the start of their chosen Summer Program class. Minors are welcome to apply for most Summer Program courses and any Summer Program course that is not open to minor students will be listed in the course description. Prior experience is not necessary in order to take most Summer Program classes but for our Commercial Production, Directing Intensive, Documentary Filmmaking, and the studio courses some filmmaking experience is required. Some of the most interesting and fresh work has come from minor students so we welcome your application. There are several areas of interest for our minor applicants that are covered in detail once an application has been received.

Minor students screen and discuss their films in class

Before acceptance will be confirmed, all minor students will be required to submit a letter from a school official verifying that they are an enrolled student in good standing as well as a copy of their past semesters transcript (this does not need to be an official copy). The Summer Program office will be required to attach the letter and transcript to the applications of all high school students applying to the Summer Program prior to reviewing the application so it is recommended to supply the Summer Program office with these two documents as soon as possible after completing the online application. Both documents can either be faxed to 213-740-3326 or emailed to our office at: summer@cinema.usc.edu

Below are a few pertinent items regarding our Minor Program:


Mandatory On-Campus Housing
Our minor students are required to live on-campus in a USC dormitory if they live outside of Los Angeles County (and is highly recommended for those who do live in the area do to the intensity of the program). While attending the program they will be supervised by several Residential Advisors (RA's), who are typically USC School of Cinematic Arts students in their junior and senior years of study. The students are not allowed to leave campus without prior written parental consent unless it is a Summer Program sponsored event or related to their course. Students are allowed to visit the USC-owned shopping center (University Village), located across the street from the School of Cinematic Arts. Each student will be assigned a roommate and will be required to abide by the curfew law of Los Angeles, and report to their respective dorm room by 10:00PM Monday - Thursday and 11:00pm Friday - Sunday, remaining in the dormitory for the evening.

Housing Fees

****Please note that housing costs are separate and NOT covered in the student tuition. ****

Non-Class Activities

Activities and Special Seminars
While in residence, students will have access to the University's Lyons Fitness Center and the McDonald's Swim Stadium, the 1984 Olympic Swimming and Diving venue, for both planned and free time recreation. This year the Summer Program plans to hold several special events with industry guests. We will also offer several pre-release movie screenings as well as special workshops and seminars covering topics such as production processes, creativity and film business. All Summer Program classes are graded USC School of Cinematic Arts elective academic courses and students must adhere to a rigorous academic schedule. When students are not in class they are prepping and filming projects, writing, producing and editing. Given this, we do not schedule many activities for the minor students outside of their field of study.

Student Population
Our minor students typically represent 10-15% of the Summer Program student body. International Minor Students are accepted into the Summer Program but must also follow all guidelines detailed on our International Students Information page on this same website.

Health Services

The USC Engemann Student Health Center is located next to Parking Structure B, a short distance away from the School of Cinematic Arts. Please visit their Web site for additional information regarding services: https://engemannshc.usc.edu/

Any minor student seeking health services will be required to bring the Parental Consent form (this is provided once the student has been accepted into the program) with them at the time of treatment. All minor students must also come with their personal health care card issued to them by your health care provider.

Meal Options

We do NOT recommend that our Summer Program minor students purchase a summer meal plan as they are very costly, restrictive (students have to eat in certain dining halls at certain times), and not conducive to the rigorous class schedules of the students. USC has several dining options on and directly off campus at the USC-owned shopping center, University Village. These meals can be paid for with cash, with a credit/debit card, or by using the student USC ID card. Once accepted to the program, we will provide information on how to add funds to the student USC ID card (as discretionary funds) but please feel free to visit the USCard Web site for more details about using your ID card as a debit card: http://mycard.usc.edu/

Additional Information

Upon acceptance to the Summer Program, a special information packet will be emailed to each students and parents and/or guardians approximately 2-4 weeks after acceptance.

This packet will include the following forms:

  • Application for USC Minor Housing 2017 (approximately $40 per night).
  • Good Neighbor Policy & Contract
  • Parental Consent & Release Form (parental permission to attend the program)
  • Medical history form
  • Production documents (if your son/daughter is taking a production course)
  • Release and waiver form for use of the Lyon Recreation center & McDonald's Swimming Pool

Please note that minor housing is extremely limited and granted on a first come, first serve basis so we recommend that students apply as early as possible to ensure a spot in housing.