Sports in Cinema

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Student Level: Beginning

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Sports and cinema are heavily intertwined core fabrics that have helped shape and been shaped by the beliefs, values, and attitudes of American culture. 

Despite the extraordinary impact sports and movies have on our society, there is a comparatively noticeable lack of analysis in this realm of their convergence. 

This course is an examination of how cinematic portrayals of sports and athletes have evolved over time and how they are shaped by and at the same time reinforce the leading attitudes of the day. It is a social record of America’s diverse cultural landscape about how our values are conveyed through the microcosm of sports ever since they came into existence.   The course will also have weekly speakers that will include A-list writers, directors and actors from the entertainment world as well as Oscar-nominated producers.*

The aim is to contribute to a better understanding of not only our values but also the influence of sports itself in America and Western Culture in general. The class will also analyze how this translates across borders. It will also study how sports movies work as a cultural export with universal themes woven throughout the filmmakers’ story.

Confirmed Guest for Summer 2011!!!

July 19th 2011:  Actor & Comedian Jon Lovitz will discuss his role in:

A League of Their Own

*subject to availability

*please note that dates and times of the course are subject to minor changes*