Animation and Digital Arts Request Process for Non-Majors:

  1. Review your program requirements in the USC Catalogue to determine what CTAN courses count towards your program of study.
  2. Review course descriptions and pre-requisites in the USC Schedule of Classes to determine which courses you are eligible to take.
  3. Come to SCB 210D on 11/4/15 on or after from Monday to Thursday between 9-11am only and sign up in person.
  4. Once your request has been processed (within 3-24 hours) you will either receive a d-clearance spot directly, which will expire after 3 days from that day or your registration appointment. Or you will be contacted and informed that no space was available (we are not administering waitlists). Therefore if you do not receive a call or e-mail, please proceed to register for the class and note that the d-clearance will expire. If your d-clearance expires before you register, your seat will be given to another student. If you register for a course, but then drop the course and then your d-clearance expires, your seat will be given to another student.


Please feel free to call: 213-740-3986 with any questions regarding d-clearances in Animation & Digital Arts and CTAN course information.