Producing is essentially an entrepreneurial endeavor. Since the film industry does not have a formalized recruitment program at film schools as some industries do, students should expect to exert considerable ingenuity and persistence to secure their initial job. However, some jobs have come through contacts made directly or indirectly through the Peter Stark Producing Program, such as during summer internships, through the mentor program, through graduates, instructors and industry friends.

One large family-friends, alumni and students of the Peter Stark Producing Program gathered for a group shot at the program's 25th anniversary celebration.
(October 2, 2005)

So that those students who are eager to start their careers can do so, all second-year classes are held in the evening. Second-year Stark students are allowed to seek employment in the industry, to produce a film or to work on writing or developing a script, provided that all classes are attended and a 3.0 GPA is maintained.